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CBG’s ‘We Stand With You’ Campaign kicks off



Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) has launched its campaign as part of its second anniversary activities to reward customers and prospective customers who have supported deprived communities, institutions, groups, families, and individuals during the COVID-19 crisis.


The 3-month campaign dubbed ‘We Stand With You’ which is starting this month (October) is a weekly national search to find the best Covid-19 testimonials from the public during these unprecedented times.

Through out the campaign, CBG seeks to stand with the Care Giver at a local hospital who continually encouraged the morale of self-isolating patients; the Young Student who offered to buy groceries for an elderly neighbour; a teacher who provided free online teaching to parents who can’t afford to pay, and a Landlord who offered free rent to his tenants during the lockdown.



According to the bank, Daily wage labourers, slum dwellers, disabled, and poor communities were affected most and it was amazing how some individuals took upon themselves to assist needy communities, institutions, groups, families, and individuals. In line with CBG’S tagline, ‘We Stand With You’, the bank has deemed it important to reward these heroes who stood with the needy through an act of kindness, no matter how large or small.

Each week, a ‘We Stand With You’ winner will be chosen and rewarded with GHS 1,000. Also, the winner will be celebrated on all CBG social media platforms for one week until the next winner is selected the following week.

To participate in the ‘We Stand With You’ campaign, individuals would post their stories, picture(s) and testimonials of their act of kindness during the COVID-19 crisis on social media (emphasis on twitter) with the hashtag “#westandwithyou” and follow all of CBG’s official social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @cbgbankltd.



The ‘We Stand With You’ campaign is a selection of good news stories that illustrate solidarity and humanity during the Covid-19 crisis.