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Cee Baby: Multilingual Ghanaian UK-based Top Model Unveiled

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Cee Baby: Multilingual Ghanaian UK-based Top Model Unveiled

After many years of nursing the idea of becoming a prized international top model, Cynthia Morton (Yeboah), known in modeling circles as Cee Baby is making enviable strides in the UK fashion sphere after recollection into the country of acclaimed fashion brands only last year.  

The Ghanaian UK-based fashion model was raised in Accra, where she attended high school.

Cee Baby, 30, began assembling a modeling portfolio in beauty, fashion and editorial with her husband’s aid after settling in Nottingham, UK, and to seek representation from local modeling agencies. She refused to yield to initial challenges and has unsurprisingly elevated herself to become a familiar face in a new generation of dashing models poised to make history and leave a legacy as a role model for young girls, especially in Africa.  

Cee Baby: Multilingual Ghanaian UK-based Top Model Unveiled

With her trademark haircut and flawless facial bone structure she’s the perfect face for established makeup brands with ideal body features to model exclusive designs with grace and style. 

Having endeared herself to international models like Tyra Banks, the Ghanaian beauty aims to make impressionable gains by following the footsteps of the greats, while distinguishing herself as a versatile, chic and assertive runway model.  

Cee Baby is a natural with fit-for-purpose facial bone features, creamy smooth brown skin coupled with a commanding presence that makes her the unique choice to progressive-thinking brands worth their names. 

As a multilingual African – she has a vast marketable reach into the region’s markets especially countries with English as the official language including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Ghana. Brands that appear to be struggling for a share of the vibrant African market could bet on her image for penetration. 

Even more reliable is her tireless commitment to work ethic – she prioritizes time, separates family and friends from work, yet still, manages to bond with loved once because she understands the beauty of growing and maintaining relationships; bonding with family and young people to inspire beyond modeling; a persona of hope for folks with dreams of attaining greater heights back home in Ghana. 

Having modeled for international brands including CHABSUK, a flagship charity event of Cancel Cancer Africa, paid model gigs for famous UK photography clubs such as Dan Wray, Neil Bernette, David J. Severn and Nik Sheppard have enriched her portfolio with the required modeling experience for cogent deals from renowned modeling agencies. 

Cee Baby: Multilingual Ghanaian UK-based Top Model Unveiled

Recent jaw-dropping photos of the model with a touch of exotic captured by popular UK-based photographer, Nik Sheppard on location at the historic Wollaton Park, were released via her social media handles; Facebook and Instagram which has further shot the newcomer model into a beaming spotlight. 

She’s in to give peeps lots to talk about and certainly here to stay; a new gig with a top agency will undoubtedly lead to weightier contracts that will enable her spread her wings far beyond the skies!

She has competitive price rates, positioned for all forms of modeling including lingerie and beauty gigs, except for posing nude. Her diary is swiftly filling with future gigs and events, such as runway modelling during the Yorkshire Fashion Week, UK, where she will be modelling for a host of established and upcoming designers alike: Afro Fashions, IXHR Designs, Stacy Gilyard, CYK Couture just to name a few. 

Cee Baby: Multilingual Ghanaian UK-based Top Model Unveiled
Cee Baby: Multilingual Ghanaian UK-based Top Model Unveiled

The African beauty is the refreshing face much needed in the fashion community to sparkle runways while highlighting global brands such as Vogue, Dior, Versace, Chloe, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Prada and Saint Laurent. Her spotless brown skin face makes her the suitable candidate to market award-winning beauty and skincare products particularly in the UK ranging from Lovegrove Essentials, Conscious Skincare, Bee Good, Seascape and other equally quality brands. 
Cee Baby is not cut from her roots. She’s available to sign gigs outside the UK – from African countries with vibrant fashion industries well placed to boost the tourism and creative arts. 

Book her now! Like or follow (Facebook, IG and Twitter: @ceebabymodeling) and for details of her works. 

Contact Model’s Ghana-based PR Agency (Crabbita Media Consult): +233 201515939

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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