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He is an accomplished business man and rapper often referred to as the P.Diddy of Ghanaian rap music. But do you know what has been D-Black’s biggest failure yet? Find out all in this episode of #CelebFunFact.


My breakthrough

As a solo artist, 6 years ago (2011) and as a group with Kwaku T, in 2009 when we co-produced an album together called Target Practice. We shot two music videos for the first two singles ‘Move’ & ‘Breathe’ and it went pretty well for a year till Kwaku wanted to go solo. I agreed and we both decided to release our solo albums on the same date. It got me working really hard and I ended up recording 30 + songs. The first one I released was ‘Somebody’ ft. Kwabena Kwabena and followed up with ‘Get on da dancefloor’ ft. Dr. Cryme in 2010. Off that album I got 6 nominations at the VGMA’s with an English rap album, won hip hop song of the year , BET Awards Best International Act , The Channel O Music Video Awards and more. That year was my breakthrough year. The continent got introduced to D-Black da Ghana Bwouy, a hip hop/ Afrobeats artist from Ghana.

My proudest achievement

Being a loving father to my kids.

My biggest failure

Hahahah. Not getting my 6 pack back and losing the weight I’ve always wanted to in the past 2-3 years lol.

Things I must try before I die

I love to travel so it’d be to touch more continents, cities etc. I’m not really an adventurous person so I’m not on that ‘things to try before I die’ tip. Flew in a Fighter helicopter and went zip lining in the mountains of Cape Town, South Africa 2 years ago and regretted it. Almost shat in my pants lol.

My hidden talent

I am a pretty good visual artist and soccer player, come watch me at celebrity soccer this July. Number 10 jersey! Hehe

Best encounter with a fan

I met three fans, one male and two females on different occasions that had my name ‘D-Black’ tattooed on their arms and chest. That was humbling for me…

Worst encounter with a fan

I haven’t had one yet…

What I hate about social media

Hahaaa. Just one … The fact that people hide behind the wall of social media to spew hate, demotivate and break weak people’s self confidence other than using it positively to encourage and uplift.

What I like about social media

It’s an amazing marketing tool and a great way to reach your fans.

If I wasn’t a rapper, I’d probably…

Probably in the same field though but as an event promoter, artist manager or investor.

My famous classmates

No one oo…From Ridge Church, Pope John Senior Secondary School, to University of CapeCoast and to University of Ghana, Legon… closest would be Nathaniel Attoh (Joy FM) who was my senior of 4 years in Ridge Church School and Chase (the singer) who got to Pope Johns the year I was expelled.

Dishes I can prepare very well

I can’t prepare any dishes very well. Lol

A celebrity I wish could be my sibling

Joey B was always like a younger brother because we lived next door to each other for over 12 years

Best way I have fun

Making music and working. I love my job and I’m a workaholic. It’s love always for me

A celebrity I wish to fight in a boxing match

I’d love to ‘knock’ some sense into Wanlov’s head. Lmao!!