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In this week’s episode of #CelebFunFacts, actress Kafui Danku shows her fun side;  talking about why she wants to discipline Elikem Kumordzie in a boxing match, 5 things she must do before she dies and more!!!

My lucky break
I featured on Abdul Salam’s “4play reloaded”
My achievement yet
Being loved and appreciated .
My biggest failure
So far, I have no regrets, my mistakes and failures are steps to do it right.
My best ever encounter with a fan
A female fan offered to pay my bills but I ended up paying for both of us .
My worst ever encounter with a fan
None I can recall; My fans have been the best. Seriously I feel like I have the best family in the media. Love them
What I hate about social media
1. Being judged by the number Of following.
2. People now take “the like ” too seriously.
3. People think you don’t like them if u don’t like their posts.
4. Unnecessary Trolling
5. Gory images
What I like about social media
1. Getting informed
2.keeps you in the know
3. Entertainment
4 . Get to meet and interact with your fans.
5. Get to learn new things .
5 things I must try before I die
Go Skinny dipping in Miami
Visit an unknown country by myself .
Outdoor sky diving .
Meet atleast 20 percent of my Ghanaian fans
My hidden talent….
Erhmm… Not sure.
If I weren’t an actress I’d probably be…
Maybe a journalist
A famous person I attend school with…
None that I know of .
3 dishes I prepare very well
1.okro soup
2. Kontonmire and yam
3. Jollof rice
A celebrity I would love to fight in a boxing match…
Elikem Kumordzie… to finally get my respect as his elder sister.  Lol
A celeb I wish was my sibling….
DKB… I’m sure of a good  laugh when stressed
My best way to have fun…
Outdoor games with family