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Are you a fan of the man who has been making Ayigbe raps cool for over a decade? Then you will love these quick fun facts about Edem as he talks his best and worst encounters with fans, hidden talent, social media and more!!! My lucky break When I met Hammer and he believed in me and recorded my album My proudest achievement Being able to fund my own projects and own all my works My Biggest failure My biggest failure is not reaching the globe the way I want at the moment My best encounter with a fan My best encounter was when a fan gave me ‘Nkatie Burger’ while in traffic. It meant a lot because he was a hawker with very little My worst encounter with a fan A lady fan put her hand in my jeans at a concert What I hate about social media People not minding their business No respect for any level of authority e.g. anyone insulting the Head of State People faking who they are People making mockery of serious issues No clear cut line between real and fake information What I love about social media Connects you to the globe Gives you a global perspective on everything I don’t have to buy newspaper for news anymore You can build and gain people’s trust before real life meeting It’s a pool of knowledge if you know accounts and people to follow My hidden talent Yes…I love table tennis; I am good with the skipping rope. If I weren’t a rapper, I’d probably … I will be in a law firm My famous schoolmate Giovanni was a year behind me from primary to SHS Dishes I can prepare very well Gari soakings Rice and stew Jollof A celebrity I would like to fight in a boxing match I will choose DJ Khaled. He looks like someone who will say funny stuff to win lol A celebrity I would like as my sibling I would Kanye West. I would like to get into his mind by being close What I do for fun Watch movies]]>