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Are a fan of the ‘man insane’, Kwaw Kese? Did you know he could have become a lawyer? Well in this episode of #CelebFunFacts, the rapper share some fun facts about himself from the celebrity he wishes was his brother to things he wants to try before he dies, and more!!! My breakthrough Got my lucky breakthrough when I met Hammer of Last 2 In 2004 My proudest achievement yet Proudest achievement was getting a standing ovation while performing at the Apollo Theater My biggest failure Biggest failure hasn’t been seen yet Best ever encounter with a fan My best encounter with a fan happened when a fan picked me in his car from the airport when I was still waiting to be picked up. Worst encounter with a fan Worst encounter with a fan was when a fan got mad for not taking pictures with him What I hate about social media

  1. Anybody anywhere can hit on you anytime
  2. Unnecessary posts
  3. The abuses
  4. The trolls
What I love about social media
  1. It helps in promotions
  2. Easy to reach out to the fans worldwide
5 things I must try before I die
  1. Fly a parachute
  2. Climb the highest mountain
  3. Go back to Santorini
  4. Paraglide at Kwahu
  5. Fly a plane
My hidden talent I have a talent in cooking but the fans don’t know of If I wasn’t a rapper, I’d probably… I wanted to be a lawyer if I wasn’t doing the job I’m doing now My famous schoolmate Shatta Wale is the famous person I attended same school with Dishes I can prepare very well
  1. Ampesi
  2. Fante Fante
  3. Groundnut soup
A celebrity I wish was my sibling If I am to choose any artist to be a sibling it would be Shatta, because he’s street crazy Best way I have fun Enjoying a spliff with good friends]]>