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#CelebFunFacts: Minjin reveals why he wants to face 2face in a boxing match



Nigerian afrobeats sensation, Minjin recengtly revealed how Ghana affected his latest single, ‘I Am’. But how well do you know? Check out these fun facts about him, including why he wishes to fight 2face Idibia, and have Iyanya as his brother!! My breakthrough I got my lucky break through 2 competitions in 2010 (Disney High School Musical Live and Centage Superstar after which I got signed to Kennis Music, where I had my first hit, ‘Turning Me On’. My Biggest Achievement yet Seeing my song top a chart in French speaking African countries showing that my song has conquered language barrier My biggest failure Not having an album out yet but that’s about to change this year!!! My best encounter with a fan When a fan played all my songs on his phone; including collabos I couldn’t even remember, and told me I am his source of inspiration. This has happened to me a couple of times though. Worst encounter with a fan When a fan entered my room in Equatorial Guinea after my show with her friends and asked if we could all….you know the rest   What I hate about social media

  1. a) Bad news spread faster than good news there
  2. b) People show fake love they rather wish their loved ones happy birthday there than actually calling or spending time with them
  3. c) Anyone can just come and write whatever they like, negative mostly just to demoralize you
  4. d) It causes beef amongst people easily like e.g. I post a picture with a quote and the other party feels I’m referring to him or her
What I love about social media
  1. a) It’s an excellent platform to promote yourself and your business
  2. b) It’s a good platform to learn new things
  3. c) It’s a good platform to reconnect with old friends and family
  4. c) It’s a good platform to connect directly with your favorite celebrities
  5. D) It’s a good platform for me to connect with my fans
  6. e) It’s a good platform to get information about things happening at the moment
My hidden talent I’m a comedian with too much sauce but fans don’t know that 5 things I must try before I die 1) Travel to at least 5 countries in each continent 2) Play at least 5 musical instruments 3) Release at least 10 albums 4) Build a house for my mom 5) Get married and have at least 2 kids   If I wasn’t a musician, I’d probably … Be playing football or acting full time Celebrity schoolmate No one Dishes I can cook very well 1) Jollof rice and fried chicken 2) Efo riro and seno 3) Agonyi beans popularly eaten in Benin Republic A celebrity I wish was my sibling Iyanya because he always treats me like his younger brother every time he sees me he advises and encourages me. A celebrity I wish to fight in a boxing match Tuface because he kissed my crush, Caroline Ekanem in the old movie, ‘Twisted’. I was a kid but mehn it hurt me to the marrow lol. How I have fun Playing soccer]]>

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