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Charger limited CEO, Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey commissions borehole and donates to orphanage to mark his birthday 



Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey, the Chief Executive Officer of Charger Limited, has made a significant impact on the community of Zaari-Kolmasug in the Garu District of the Upper East Region. 

Through the Happy Man Foundation, Mr. Borketey commissioned a borehole to alleviate water scarcity in the area, marking his birthday on June 23.

 This initiative aims not only to address immediate water crises but also supports sustainable development goals concerning water and sanitation.
Charger Limited, renowned for its products like HM Life Mixture, Happy Man Bitters and Black legend blended coffee gin, relies heavily on water for its production processes. 
Recognizing the critical need for water in communities, Mr. Borketey’s gift of a borehole is a testament to his commitment to environmental stewardship and community support.
Access to safe water remains a pressing issue in Ghana, affecting countless households as highlighted by recent census data. 
The newly commissioned borehole is set to ease the burden on Zaari-Kolmasug residents, enhancing their daily lives by providing reliable access to clean water.
Edward Anafo Abanbila, the Upper East Regional Manager of Charger Limited, emphasized the company’s broader commitment beyond business success, stating, “Our goal is a future where water is accessible to all. 
This borehole is just the beginning of our efforts to support and uplift communities.”
The Assembly Member for Zaari Electoral Area, Mahama Kassim, expressed profound gratitude on behalf of the community, acknowledging the borehole as a game-changer for residents who have long struggled with water scarcity. 
He extended warm wishes to Mr. Borketey on his birthday and expressed hopes for Charger Limited’s continued growth and community impact.
In addition to the borehole commissioning, Charger Limited demonstrated its ongoing commitment to social responsibility by donating generously to the Mahama Lardi Orphanage Home in Bolgatanga. 
The donation, totaling 10,000 cedis, included essential food items, toiletries, and financial support for utility bills, showcasing Mr. Borketey’s dedication to supporting vulnerable groups in society.
Albert Azongo, speaking on Mr. Borketey’s behalf, emphasized the CEO’s personal journey and ethos of giving back, particularly on occasions as meaningful as his birthday. 
The children of the orphanage, in heartfelt appreciation, offered prayers for Mr. Borketey, his family, and Charger Limited, underscoring the profound impact of their contributions on the lives of those less fortunate.
Emmanuel Bortey Borketey’s dual initiatives reflect Charger Limited’s ethos of corporate social responsibility, aiming not only to excel in business but also to uplift communities and enhance societal well-being. 
As Mr. Borketey continues to lead Charger Limited, his dedication to making a positive difference remains a cornerstone of his leadership and personal philosophy.
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