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Charlotte Appiah releases her New Single “W’ASESA NO” on her birthday, 20th November 2022



As she meditated on the bible quotation, 2 Corinthians 8:9, she received a new song from God and the lyrics of the song gave her reflections and flashbacks of her life in the past and how far the Lord has brought her. Through divine exchange, Charlotte Appiah remembered how God changed her life and this influenced the title of her new single, “W’ASESA NO”, which means He, the Lord has changed it. The song’s lyrics were developed further with the help of a songwriter called King George.


“W’ASESA NO” was produced by Bassey Mix at the Bassey House of Music, and it will be released on all online streaming platforms on Sunday, 20th of November 2022, which happens to be Charlotte Appiah’s birthday. She releases this song as a birthday gift to all her fans and also acknowledges God for being so good to her throughout her life. Challenges in life are inevitable but through it all God has been good, and this is a way of showing her appreciation to God for His goodness and mercies. The video was also shot by McWillies (Flashback Media) and you can watch it on her YouTube channel.



Judging from the title of the new single, “W’ASESA NO”, many believe that this new song will help them to reflect on what the Lord has done in their lives from the beginning of this year till date, as we are almost at the end of the year 2022 and this makes the release of the song very timely.


Charlotte Appiah has two previously released albums to her credit and her last album had hit songs such as “I AM BLESSED” and “WONE ME NYANKOPON” among a total of eleven songs on the same album.



It is Charlotte Appiah’s prayer that anyone who listens to this new song “W’ASESA NO”, God will change their stories and meet them at the point of their needs.


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