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Chez Afrique Comes Alive With Belbon Wines



Afropolitan hotspot, Chez Afrique, came alive last Friday night, when the Belbon Hills wine tasting party train stopped over at the exciting spot as part of the monthly wine tasting affair organized by HCKB Limited, importers of the deeply refined and exotic Belbon Hills range of wines.

After the delightful experience last month, it seemed that this month’s edition was quite highly anticipated and the busy rave spot got even busier on this night.

The crowd here is an intriguing blend of expatriates in search of a classy African wining and dining experience as well matured local folks with a taste for the finer things in life. It made for quite a chirpy scene and many were those who chatted happily away whiles taking in the unmistakably sweet aroma and refined taste of the various wines on offer amidst some eclectic live band music.

Once again, the brands included, the Belbon Hills SAS Passito a distinctive and aromatic sweet tasteful kind of wine produced by extending maturation process of grapes from 40 years old hanepoot vines perched in the hard terrain.

Also on the menu was the Chenin Blanc white wine which mixes a pale straw-like crystal clear color with and a soothing aroma and is noted for combining quite well with starters.

The ladies in this crowd would also fall prey to the allure of the Pinotage Rose, with its  oozing delectable aromas of raspberries; and  the Belbon Red  never ceases to tickle taste buds when used to wash down spicy grilled meat as many in the crowd came to realize before the end of the night.

Always a cheery fellow, Mr. Harrison Ekeoma Osondu Iheke, Chief Executive Officer of HCKB Limited, and his team also gave away numerous freebies including t-shirts and others to lucky fellows in the crowd and were on hand to ensure that everyone had a taste off and truly appreciated the uniqueness of each wine in the Belbon Hills range.

By the end of the evening it had become quite evident that once again the guys at HCKB Limited have managed to bring the delightful wine tasting experience to more people and they seemed to be more than enjoying themselves.

To Mr. Harrison Iheke and his team however,  it must have been yet another exciting night serving the best wine to a great crowd and achieving success in their quest to ensure that  everyone is able to enjoy the good life that good wine is synonymous with, notwistanding  social standing.