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Chief Moomen replaces KSM's daughter as producer of Thank God It's Friday (TGIF)



ama amisa and brother blackway ama amisa and brother blackway[/caption] Ghana’s favourite Prime Time TV programme, Thank God It’s Friday with KSM last Friday bid farewell to the producer of the show for the last two years, Ama Misa, as she prepared to head for the USA to pursue an MBA at Stanford University. In a typically lively TGIF show, KSM interviewed his daughter/producer asking her about her decision to leave the reputable PricewaterhoueCoopers(PWC) to join Sapphire,  her experiences at Sapphire, and her time as producer of the TGIF show. In her two years as producer, Ama was very instrumental in rebranding the programme and making it even more relevant in Ghana’s entertainment landscape. Answering KSM’s question on her decision to leave PWC, Ama explained she had left in search of new experiences and also because she felt she was not maximizing her potential, and that she has no regrets about the decision. She was very excited about her experience and talked about how the media is a powerful tool to transform society. She mentioned that TGIF is a great platform which has over the years helped to empower many Ghanaian businesses and entrepreneurs and she was happy to be part of that process. The father and daughter interview was a joy to watch. The new producer for TGIF, Chief Moomen, joined the interview and was full of praise for Ama  for her great work at Sapphire. Chief, who is himself a renowned poet and writer has already worked together with Ama on various  Sapphire projects before joining Sapphire full time. The two together have infused the company with a new energy and new focus, which he intends to draw on to continue producing high standard programmes. Chief mentioned that planning is seriously underway for the ten years anniversary of TGIF which will include shooting the show on location at all the ten regions in Ghana. He presented a gift on behalf of the whole team to Ama and wished her well in her endeavours, whilst gearing himself for the task ahead.]]>

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