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'Chorkor Lawyer', Jerry Ahmed Shaib appointed CEO for Coastal Development Authority



Jerry Ahmed Shaib appointed CEO for Coastal Development AuthorityPresident Akufo Addo has appointed Jerry Ahmed Shaib popularly known as Chorkor Lawyer, as the CEO of the Coastal Development Authority. His appointment will however require confirmation from the governing Board of the Authority in consultation with the Public Services Commission. This appointment follows the resignation of former CEO, Samuel Attah-Mensah, who resigned few months after the official inauguration of the governing Board. Until his appointment, Mr. Shaib, who is a lawyer by profession was the Deputy CEO of the Coastal Development Authority.He is also board member of the Ghana Olympic Committee. He holds an MBA from the University of Ghana He was also the New Patriotic Party’s 2016 Parliamentary Candidate for Ablekuma South where he lost to NDC’s Alfred Oko Vanderpuije. Mr. Jerry Ahmed Shaibu holds a BA, LLB and MPhil degrees with a considerable number of years of practice as a lawyer. His appointment takes immediate effect.]]>


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5 Essential Business Travel Tips to Save Your Time and Effort



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Business travel doesn’t have to be boring and taxing on your body. Contrary to what many people think, proper planning and actionable advice can help you spend your time productively on your business while having fun at the same tips.

Here are five proven tips to help you get the most out of your next business trip and make it memorable.

1.    Always Follow a Plan

Planning can seem daunting if you have to go on business trips around the year. However, remember that by creating a detailed plan, you can avoid several problems you might encounter if you go unplanned.

Creating a business plan doesn’t mean you must spend every minute under strict supervision. Jot down what you are going to do on a trip, so you can have an estimated plan on how you will spend your time.

You don’t have to go fancy and buy a notepad to create a business travel plan. It’s better to open the notes app on your phone to have a simple yet detailed plan for your business trip.

2.    Prioritize Your Comfort

You should never prioritize saving money over your comfort. If you want to enjoy every single second of your business trip, you must ensure that you find ways to stay comfy and relaxed. Doing so will make you feel motivated and proactive when forming business relations during meetings.

Choose reliable services that can help you maximize your productivity by providing you comfort. For example, if you are going to Zurich for a business meeting, you can hire a Limousine Service Zurich to get to your hotel from the airport in no time.

3.    Dress According to the Situation

Following a dress code on your business trip isn’t a must unless your employer advises you to do so. Instead of dressing formally or casually, you should always assess your situation and dress accordingly.

Wearing PJs on the flight is 100% ok if you are not going to represent your employer on the flight. If you know the people you will meet on your trip, it might be a good option to prioritize relaxed clothing over a strict dress code.

Pack all your clothing essentials in your bag so you can dress however and whenever you want!

4.    Be Mindful Of Your Diet

Eating whatever you can get your hands on during your business trip is never a cool option. When it comes to food during traveling, you should always be cautious of what you eat and how many times you eat.

It’s better to enjoy foods that are easy to digest. Choose healthy food items over junk foods to ensure that you can feel energetic and stay healthy.

5.    Get Adequate Rest

A business trip can easily get hectic if you have to cover a lot in a short time. However, trying to follow your plan shouldn’t force you to sacrifice your comfort. Make sure you get adequate rest to wake up fresh and do things the right way on your business trip.

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Insights Into Future Healthcare Trends



healthcare management degree

It’s impossible to deny that the world of medicine is evolving. Numerous new developments have revolutionized the healthcare industry, making diagnoses and treatments increasingly accurate and effective. If people from a century ago were to observe some of today’s treatments and surgical procedures, they might view them as witchcraft or perhaps brutality in some cases. In reality, patients across the globe are benefiting from changes in medicine, patient care strategies, and other fields of the healthcare sector. 

Looking at Future Health Care Trends

While an array of changes have come into play over the years, many more are sure to take shape. Several innovative health care solutions are set to transform the way patients are taken care of in the years to come. Some apply to surgical techniques and treatment methods whereas others impact the way medical records are kept. They all come together to improve the lives of patients and the jobs of healthcare professionals. Take a look at some of the most significant and interesting developments arising in the medical field. 

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is a fascinating aspect of medicine. In the past, it was more of an element of science fiction than actual practice. After all, who would’ve imagined humanity could actually manipulate something as complex as genomes and bend them to its will. At this point, though, gene therapy is rapidly becoming a reality.

Scientists are working to replace disease-causing genes with healthy ones. They’re creating ways to deactivate genes that aren’t functioning the way they should. While gene therapy is still in the developmental stages, a few treatments have already been approved for use. 


Another incredible development in the healthcare industry is nanotechnology. Again, this is a futuristic concept that many people thought would never become a reality. Although robotic technology has been part of the medical field for some time, it’s currently being taken to entirely new levels.

In nanotechnology, microscopic robots, also known as nanites and nanomites, are used in a variety of ways for treatments. They’re introduced into the body to deliver medicines and assist with medical imaging and other tasks. They can even work in tandem with gene therapies. As is the case with gene therapy, nanotechnology is still in its infantile stages. Still, it’s expected to gain steam moving forward.

Advanced Medical Software Platforms

Recordkeeping, billing, and other aspects of health care went digital some time ago. Of course, even that field continues to grow and advance. Medical software platforms are becoming more complex at this point. In doing so, they’re bridging many of the problematic gaps that once existed between different divisions of the patient care arena. Software is also branching out into predictive analytics and other sectors that can improve patient care while reducing the workload on medical professionals.

Taking Medicine into the Future

Those are some of the headline-making developments currently affecting the healthcare field. Some people have quite a few misgivings about genetic manipulation and using microscopic robots in medical treatments. Others are excited about those prospects as well as the potential they hold. Regardless, they’re making their way into health care and are sure to become more prominent in the future.

Software is also playing an important role here as it’s fostering everything from compiling patients’ records to assisting with the development of new medical techniques. Before long, nanites may commonly be repairing patients’ injuries and curing diseases from the inside out. Physicians may be able to stop a long list of illnesses before they arise with gene therapy. The possibilities here seem virtually endless. 

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The Role of Office Furniture to Boost Workplace Productivity



Vietnam office Furniture

According to a few recent studies, workers have become less productive than they once were. This is a major concern among employers, as productivity in the workplace directly affects businesses in many ways. Those include spending, profits, progression, and customer satisfaction, to name a few. Companies are taking numerous measures to reverse the current trend and increase workplace productivity. In the process, many are overlooking one of the most effective and affordable solutions. 

Exploring the Role of Office Furniture in Productivity

Research indicates that office furniture can actually improve workplace productivity levels. It’s a seemingly simple detail that few employers would factor into the productivity equation. That’s the main reason so many employers overlook it. In truth, taking advantage of a selection of new office furniture can greatly affect employee productivity in several ways. That makes furniture one of the most important and cost-effective ways to enhance workers’ performance.

Increased Comfort

Comfort is a major factor in employee productivity. Many businesses fear that allowing their employees to get too comfortable at work may make them less productive. After all, no one wants their workers snuggling in and falling asleep on the job. In reality, increasing employee comfort levels can have the opposite impact.

Comfortable office furniture can reduce tension, muscle aches, lower back pain, and many other issues workers face. Aches and pains that stem from uncomfortable office furniture can affect workers’ mental and physical health. Better furniture may help mitigate those issues. Office furniture is available that combines comfort and ergonomics while also being attractive and affordable.

Improved Employee Morale

Furniture can also provide a helpful boost of morale in the workplace. Providing a new range of updated, appealing furniture may make employees feel more appreciated. Besides, getting new furniture generates a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Think about the effects of getting new furniture at home. It’s an exciting occasion that creates a sense of happiness and fulfillment. People spend a considerable portion of their time at work, and new office furniture can bring that same sensation into the office.

Enhanced Efficiency

Having the right office furniture in place may lead to enhanced efficiency as well. It’s no secret that the layout of a workspace can either boost or detract from efficiency. In addition, having a workspace that’s set up in a way that promotes efficiency can bolster productivity. It saves time by reducing the need to search for paperwork or requiring moving from one place to another.

Furthermore, an efficient setup allows employees to focus more of their time and attention on work. That, in turn, can reduce human error, distractions, and other common problems. It also helps to keep employees’ creative juices flowing more smoothly, which serves to increase productivity. Creativity likewise improves employee performance in other ways, further highlighting the benefits of high-quality office furniture.

Creating a More Productive Workplace

Office furniture is often a secondary consideration for businesses. It should be a primary concern, though. With the right furniture, it’s possible to boost productivity in several ways. Those include making employees more comfortable, improving their morale, and creating more efficient workspaces. Office furniture needs to be cost effective while creating a sense of consistency and professionalism. Still, businesses don’t have to sacrifice employee comfort, efficiency, and workplace morale for the aesthetic aspects. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Transport Your Car To Another State



Should I buy a car for the transportation of my staff?

Relocating to another state is not as simple as moving to a different town or locality. Several factors are involved in the process that requires professional assistance throughout the shipment. If this is your first time transporting your vehicle to another state and you are not familiar with the process, this article is for you. 


Popularly, people prefer two methods to ship a car to another state – self-driving and auto shipping services. Some people prefer self-driving to save money and enjoy the driving experience during the journey. While others prefer shipping services to enjoy a hassle-free shipping experience. However, compared to other options like air and rail transportation, road transport methods might consume a lot of time and effort. Choosing the right method depends on your requirements, budget, and other preferences. 


So, without wasting any time further, here are some popular ways to ship a car from one state to another. 


  1. Self-driving methods 


Contrary to popular belief, self-driving is a costly and life-threatening transportation method. Driving long hours can cause body fatigue, dizziness, and other related problems. Additionally, you can only transport one car at a time, especially if you are the only driver in your family. On average, it can even cost you more than what you will pay to a shipping company. Hence, it is advisable to avoid driving long distances and seek help from experts.


  1. Car Shipping company 


Car shipping services are the most feasible and convenient way of transporting a car from one state to another. You get various shipping options to choose from, such as road shipment, rail transport, and air transportation. Air transportation is the most expensive and less-time consuming shipping option. If money is not your primary concern, air transportation is best  for you. 


For a more feasible and cost-effective shipping experience, you can opt for road shipping services. In road shipping services, you get two popular options – open and enclosed auto transport. In open car shipping services, your car is shipped along with other vehicles in an open trailer (with no sides). Your car will be exposed to different road elements and climate conditions, similar to driving your car on the road. It is one of the most affordable, convenient, and readily available shipping options. 


Enclosed auto shipping services offer complete protection for your vehicle from outdoor elements, climate conditions, theft, road accidents, and more. Enclosed auto transport is costlier than other options, and it is perfect to transport luxury and limited edition vehicles. Consider your budget and other requirements before opting for any shipping option. 


Advantages of shipping services 


  1. Cost-effective 


When self-driving, you might have to pay separately for each expense. On average, all these expenses might cost you more than what you will pay to the shipping companies. Whereas shipping companies charge a fixed amount (that doesn’t fluctuate) considering several factors involved in the process. 


  1. Time-saving 


Shipping companies use advanced tools and are aware of the fastest routes to complete a shipping delivery in the required time frame. Additionally, they are known for hiring qualified and experienced drivers trained to drive trucks/trailers for long hours.  


  1. Faster shipping process 


Generally, shipping companies can take two weeks or fourteen working days to deliver vehicles across the nation or specific states. For a faster delivery experience, you can opt for expedited delivery services by paying additional costs to the shipping company. In the expedited delivery method, your car is delivered faster. 


Some shipping companies also look after the paperwork required for interstate shipping services. Submit all your documents properly and avoid submitting incomplete or incorrect information to avoid delays or rejection of your shipping services.

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Kobina Ansah Premieres ‘Once Upon A Riddle’ And Four Other Plays Online This February And March




Ghanaian playwright, Kobina Ansah, is blazing the trail this year by making his content more accessible to the public. He is set to livestream five of his best plays this February and March to theatre lovers in Ghana and around the globe.

Every Saturday and Sunday in February and the first weekend of March, Scribe Productions’ plays will be livestreamed on The plays set to be premiered include This Family Is Not For Sale (Season 1), The Boy Called A Girl, I Want To Sue God!, Once Upon A Riddle and Emergency Wedding.

Kobina Ansah and his Scribe Productions team have staged their productions since 2015. The playwright is noted for his mind-blowing plays which have touched on several social issues and brought to light many ills of society. In all, he has eight original plays to his credit.

“This special livestream edition promises to be an experience of a lifetime,” said an excited Kobina Ansah.

All five plays will be livestreamed at 3pm and 7pm each day. Patrons can grab their tickets via

Source: Scribe News

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Zeepay expands into Zambia



Andrew Takyi Appiah Co Founder and Managing Director of Zeepay scaled

The Central Bank of Zambia has granted Zeepay Zambia approval to operate a revolutionary new remittance outbound service directly from its Zeepay Mobile Money Wallet. This groundbreaking service will empower Zambians to easily and securely transfer money directly from their mobile money wallets to over 150 countries around the world.

This innovative service is the first of its kind for mobile money in the world, and is made possible through a strategic partnership with MoneyGram International.

With operations in over 25 countries globally, including countries in Europe, the Caribbean, North America, and Africa, Zeepay is the largest cross-border payment platform with collection capabilities across over 20 countries.

“We are thrilled to make it possible for Zambians to send money abroad via mobile money to over 150 countries in a real-time manner,” said Andrew Takyi-Appiah, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Zeepay. “Our partnership with MoneyGram is helping to make Africa borderless day by day, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this revolutionary change.”

About Zeepay

Zeepay is the fastest growing mobile financial services  company across Africa with operations in Ghana and the United Kingdom and terminating to 20 countries across Africa with termination agreements in over 90 jurisdictions globally. We specialize in remittance termination into mobile wallets and are completely network and partner agnostic.

We are a wholly owned Ghanaian company and regulated in the UK by Financial Conduct Authority-FCA # 592538 and in Ghana by Bank of Ghana- #00001. Zeepay supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3 and is considered a Financial Inclusion Company positioned to improve last mile access. Visit for more information.

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