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Chris Attoh stars in new Nigerian pseudo reality sitcom, ‘How She Left My Brother’



Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh joins the interesting cast and characters in a new experimental short-form sitcom about a webcam, siblings, high heels, hidden cameras, and getting rid of your older brother’s obnoxious girlfriend. It’s about a nosy young lady, Ejiro who lives with her brother Matt, (played by Chris Attoh). She has a huge crush on her brother’s best friend and believes that she has a say in her brother’s affairs. Ejiro shares this belief with over 10,000 subscribers on her video blog. She runs her vlog with the help of her geeky neighbor IK and on it, she moans and complains about the situation, until the day she actually starts to implement little sneaky ways to end Matt’s relationship. It seems a silly childish thing to do until they succeed. Then, the sexy Nicole shows up and then trouble begins! The cast also includes Ivie Okujaye, Eku Edewor, OC Ukeje, Vanessa Kanu and Victor Godfrey. It is written and directed by Victor Sanchez Aghahowa.  ]]>