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Christmas treats and street life on DStv this December

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Christmas treats and street life on DStv this December

DStv brings more exciting and educative programming to viewers across Africa this December, and started from December 1 and 4, viewers can look forward to two new series on BBC Lifestyle and BBC Knowledge.

Nigel Slater’s Christmas Suppers: Nigel Slater offers delicious recipe ideas for the festive period. DStv audiences can tune into BBC Lifestyle on Thursday 1 December at 20:25 CAT to discover how to turn Christmas Day leftovers into mouth-watering meals and get the best out of seasonal vegetables in this easy-to-follow guide. Nigel shows how to make really tasty dishes after the big day. Understated, straightforward, uncomplicated, these are dishes that are easy to make, using all the leftovers in the fridge. Nigel also remembers how, when he was a child, his family had to stock up to get through the gap between Christmas and the New Year. He reinvents some of his childhood favourites with his own modern spin and takes a look at a kitchen garden to see what kind of vegetables are around in winter. This Christmas Special is a perfect selection of simple Christmas dishes everyone can cook that look and taste delicious.

The Street Kids of Mumbai: This documentary reveals the brutal reality of life on the streets and in the slums of Mumbai, following the daily struggles of four young children to survive. DStv audiences can tune into BBC Knowledge from Sunday 4 December at 21:00 CAT to watch. We follow the story of 11-year-old Salaam who is living rough outside the main train station after running away from his abusive stepmother. Befriended by a gang of begging boys run by 20-year-old Asif, Salaam speaks fondly of his new ’brother’. But it soon appears that there is a much darker side to being in Asif’s gang. We also meet Deepa, who is lucky to be alive after rats attacked her when she was just three months old. Now aged seven, she runs barefoot through the hectic Mumbai traffic to sell flowers to help support her family, working shifts of up to 20 hours at a time. She lives with her grandmother and brothers, surviving on less than £1 a day since her alcoholic father died and her mother abandoned them. Twins Hussain and Hussan, aged 11, live in a shanty town, balanced precariously on a water pipe. Five days a week they collect scrap metal and plastic bottles to sell so they can earn money to eat.

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