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Citizens, not government, to blame for floods, says MzVee



Award-winning Ghanaian singer MzVee has taken an unexpected stance in the ongoing discourse surrounding the recurrent issue of flooding in the country.

In a recent interview with Property FM in Cape Coast, the artist, born Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, voiced her concerns about the perennial floods that have plagued Ghana. MzVee’s perspective offers a fresh and insightful angle to the flooding debate, focusing on the crucial role of citizens and their collective responsibility in addressing this pressing issue.

Rather than solely attributing blame to government authorities for inadequate drainage systems and flood management, MzVee emphasizes the need for shared responsibility. She acknowledges the deficiencies in the country’s drainage infrastructure but also argues that citizens cannot be absolved of their contribution to the problem. Irresponsible waste disposal, particularly the improper disposal of plastic waste and bottles, has emerged as a significant and often overlooked factor exacerbating the flooding crisis.

“If you see the amount of plastic bottles, I don’t think the government came to put them there, so I think we’re all to blame for these things,” she said.

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