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Classy And Voguish Famous Male Models Look

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Classy And Voguish Famous Male Models Look

Everyone talks about female models, and undoubtedly, they have got more fame than any male model. But as females have ruled the modeling industry, males are no less it’s just that they are not recognized widely. These Famous Male Modelshave proved there can be both brain and brawn. Many male models just don’t do modeling but have expertise in other fields like teaching, cooking, entrepreneurship, fashion styling, writing and what not. So without any delay lets move on to the list of Famous Male Models who rocked the runway with their charm and good-looks.


David Gandy


This 39-year-old model has throbbed the hearts of many with his well-sculpted body and perfect handsome face. In 2001 he got famous after winning a television contest, and in 2006 he was the face of Dolce & Gabbana. Plus he is also pro at showcasing the mixture of high-fashion campaigns and high-street product lines. Apart from modeling, he writes lifestyle articles, supports charitable trust, and even design his range of menswear for Marks & Spencer.


Lucky Blue Smith


Lucky Blue Smith, a 21-year-old, is one of the most beautiful male models on earth. He started modeling for Saint Laurent when he was 12, then later he modeled for big names like Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein. He is also one of the best Insta-Models with 3.3 million fan-following on Instagram. His blue eyes and blonde hair adds beauty to its facial structure. When he is free from modeling or doesn’t have projects on hand for a while, he gets connected with his family of 3.3m followers.


Sean O’Pry


Sean O’Pry, the 29-year-old model, is both humble and handsome. Plus he is one of the most snapped faces in the male modeling industry. At this age, he has already been listed frequently as the highest-paid male model. The success he has achieved is dreamt by many other male models in the industry. He is not into social media much but has a number of appearances in magazines, commercials, and on runways. He also has a presence in the song video of Taylor Swift and Madonna.


Luka Sabbat


The 21-year-old, Luka Sabbat has got 1.8 million followers on Instagram who follow his fashion style on a regular basis. Luka Sabbat belongs from a designer family, his grandmother was interior decorator, mother was a fashion stylist back then and a chef right now, and his father is a fashion designer. Being a fashion entrepreneur and fashion stylist, he is setting quirky fashion statements in a way that it looks way appealing. This famous male model and influencer have worked for, Refinery29, and Tommy Hilfiger.


Tyson Beckford


Tyson Beckford, a 48-year-old model will always remain a legend in the male model industry without any doubt. He achieved the face of Ralph Lauren’s Polo in the 1990s. He has no ordinary achievements, maybe that’s why the Vogue Magazine dubbed him as a “Top Model of All Time”, also named “Man of the Year” by VH1, and one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” by People Magazine. He has appeared on the celebrity show “I am a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” and co-hosted the show “Make Me a Supermodel”. He has also been a mentor and judge in the Australian version of this show.


Isaac Carew


This 33-year-old model is back to his real passion “cooking”. Before modeling, he was trained as a chef and has worked with many big names. After a decade or so he is back to its roots. He is hosting his new YouTube channel and cooking website The Dirty Dishes. Now he is known for both his good-looks and art of making nutritional and delicious delicacies. 



Billy Huxley


The British model, with a fully tattooed body and a hipster-ish beard, has a different aesthetic look from any other male model in the industry. His cousin encouraged him to enter the fashion industry, after which he decided to be a freelancer. Later on, he worked with Adidas, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Vagabond. He has also done a photoshoot with Kaltblut and FHM magazine. Of which, he believes FHM magazine was the best one as it gave him better exposure from it. He is a no-shy and broad-minded person.


Cameron Dallas


Cameron Dallas started his career in 2013, by making videos of jokes and pranks on his friends and family on Vine. He gained about 9 million followers within the time span of 7 months. He joined AwesomenessTV in 2014 and appeared in the movies like Expelled and The Outfield. Later on, he starred in a Netflix series Chasing Cameron. Cameron received a “Teen Choice Award for Most Popular Viner” in 2014. This model has also launched in own clothing line with Aeropostale alongside Hayes and Nash Grier.


Eric Rutherford


Eric Rutherford has never accused his age as he doesn’t need to, he has maintained himself well as the age of 50 (yes!) then be it physically or fashionably. He still does modeling and stirs up a mess as much as other young male model does. He is stating that not only youngster can enjoy the newest fashion trends. His Instagram has about 236k followers. He can still look cool in casual as well as executive formals ‘Suits’.



Zach Miko


Zach Miko, a 29-year-old model with 6’6 and 40-inch waist size is known for the movement of male body positivity.  Initially, he wasn’t even allowed near the runway but IMG signed him under the “Brawn” section and everything changed after that. He doesn’t hold back for speaking up for the body positivity. He sets an example that not the body is everything. After the Body Positivity movement escalated, brands realized that every size of men should be represented. He still hasn’t achieved that much of fame but he will soon.


These are the Famous Male Modelsthat everyone missed out on for a long time. There are many other male models that are still to be recognized. For more information about the fashion industry, visit Fashionterest.





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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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