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Claws Out: Rihanna puts Amanda Bynes in her place over Chris Brown abuse tweets



  For those who aren’t following the public meltdown of former Nikelodeon teen queen Amanda Bynes, she’s displayed some very peculiar behavior lately, including an inexplicable fascination with black women and blonde hair (she’s retweeted pics of Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna). In addition to her latest caper, which involved an arrest for smoking weed in her apartment (and she later accused the NYPD of slapping her vagina during the arrest!), Amanda lashed out at Rihanna for no apparent reason.  She tweeted… photo abtweet.jpg We’re not sure what prompted the response (which was quickly deleted) but someone obviously notified Rihanna of the tweet and YOU KNOW she wasn’t going to let that -ish slide.  A short while later, Bad Girl RiRi said…. photo rihnna533.jpg]]>

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