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Comfort vs Style – Achieve Both Thru These 6 Timeless Fashion Trends

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Comfort vs Style – Achieve Both Thru These 6 Timeless Fashion Trends

Comfort vs Style - Achieve Both Thru These 6 Timeless Fashion Trends
Comfort vs Style – Achieve Both Thru These 6 Timeless Fashion Trends

There are two types of women in this world.

  • Flats vs high heels
  • Yoga pants vs designer jeans
  • Ponytails vs blow-outs

The great debate between the girl next door and her fashionista friend is comfort versus style. However, you can achieve both through these six timeless fashion trends.


Everyone woman should own a pair of black pumps. How high and thick the heel of the shoe is entirely up to the personal preference of the owner, and a ballet flat can pass as a pair of black pumps too. Whichever one she wants because she needs those black pumps in her wardrobe. They can be worn with dress pants, a skirt, a cocktail dress and even a pair of jeans. The season and the color of your clothing is not a concern because these shoes are the most versatile thing in your wardrobe.


Workwear can be fashionable too! A blazer can make a strong fashion statement and is often an appropriate choice for the office. Shorter women will want to look for short blazers that cut off around the beltline, to avoid making themselves appear even shorter. A tapered blazer creates a lovely silhouette and make sure the sleeves are not too long or you will appear childlike. Always avoid padded shoulders, and if you have narrow shoulders don’t pick out a blazer that is too wide. The blazer doesn’t just need to be for work. Throw it over a white T-shirt with some jeans for a casual and sleek look, perfect for shopping or grabbing lunch with some friends. You can even wear a blazer over a sleeveless dress for added warmth and to go for a more conservative look.


There has never been a fabric as timeless as denim. The styles in which we wear it change often, but almost every wardrobe will have something denim in it. From bell bottom jeans to overalls to cute denim jackets, this durable fabric has made the rounds. The width of the leg, the color of the fabric and the height of the waist may change over time, but jeans remain a solid staple in most wardrobes.

For a comfortable yet fashionable denim look, try a pair of tall leather boots over a slim fit pair of jeans. For a casual afternoon, throw on some boyfriend jeans with your black pumps and a T-shirt. When headed to the office, try some khakis and a dress shirt, but finish off your look with a denim jacket.

Are you looking for a skirt that can help you project professionalism? What about one that helps you express your personality? A denim skirt can accomplish both tasks. As you may know, jeans have been in fashion for many years. In the 1960s, people began frequently turning them into skirts. The trend never stopped. Today, you can opt for fun, flared skirts made of denim or denim skirts that hug your body. Adding one denim skirt to your closet can give you many different options. For example, you can add a jacket in cooler weather to stay trendy and warm at the same time. There is no need to pack your denim skirts away with the changing seasons or worry about them becoming easily damaged because the material is strong and warm.


The peacoat and the trench coat are two different styles of jacket, but they serve a similar purpose. Both are timeless pieces of outerwear that you will see in fashion magazines through all the generations. Both types of coats offer a stylish and sophisticated look that is appropriate for work, for travel and even when you are headed out for dinner or to a show. The trench coat may be more appropriate for warmer weather while the peacoat suits the cooler temperatures, but they are both comfortable and fashionable for a variety of outings.


You can never have too many scarves. Infinity scarves and shoulder scarves. Pashminas and sarongs. Belt scarves and silk scarves. Solid colors and floral prints. With or without tassels. The variety is never-ending and so are the looks you can achieve with your scarves. There are entire videos dedicated to the different techniques of tying your scarf to achieve every style for every wardrobe. The right scarf can dress up any outfit. It can add a pop of color when your wardrobe isn’t showing any. A scarf around the waist creates a whimsical and fun appearance. Pull your scarf into your hair for a casual day with friends. However you choose to wear your scarf is the right way for you.


Women’s closets everywhere have one very similar thing hanging inside: the little black dress. This dress generally sits just above the knee in length and has an elegant feel to it, without being too formal. The little black dress has many important jobs. It is the power outfit for the big business meeting, when worn with a blazer. The dress works for cocktail parties, evening dinners out and formal nights as well. It can be worn to a funeral, and even a wedding if dressed up properly. This dress is the go-to dress for most women. Whether you prefer flats to heels or pony tails to blow-outs, there is always room to incorporate a little bit of both comfort and fashion in every woman’s wardrobe.

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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