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Commuting and Rising Costs



Things like rail strikes, high fuel prices, and the high cost of living don’t make it a happy commute for people looking to get to their offices. Working from home has become more and more popular and has become a good option for people to work from home some days of the week.

For years, many businesses have encouraged car sharing and some have the Cycle to Work scheme that has been somewhat of a success, but what can people do when they have to go to the office now that most are going through the financial pinch?

Working from home

This doesn’t always apply to every line of work, but remote working can be a good option for businesses where possible. It is going to save you money on fuel or transport. It also means more time is freed up that can be used to be more efficient and avoid delays because they couldn’t find parking space or their train getting canceled.


The cost of living has gone up, and the increase in home energy bills has to be offset by lowering the cost of travel.

Flexible hours

If it is not possible to work from home, employers can give employees a chance of saving time by not having them travel during busy times when fares are the highest, and delays are common. Having to drive in traffic is a very stressful way you can get started or end your day. It is also expensive when it comes to fueling the car. Whichever travel options you have, it is more economical and more pleasant.

Transport ticket loan schemes


Those using public transport, know that a weekly, monthly, or annual pass is going to be way cheaper compared to paying for every trip. Many people don’t get these passes because it is a lot to pay upfront. Employers can help out by offering loans to buy season tickets, which spreads the cost over the period making it a more attractive and affordable proposition.

Car Charging Points

Electric vehicles are becoming attractive because the government is interested in decreasing the number of diesel and petrol vehicles on the road. Charging points offer staff somewhere to charge their vehicles at work. This encourages people to switch to electric vehicles. Scrapping a car is a good idea if your car is old and not worth a great deal to sell. You can use the cash that you get for recycling your car to reinvest in an electric car.



Employee benefits

A good employee benefits package can help employees in many other ways even if it doesn’t have to directly affect commuting. The packages can ease the effects of rising costs. One of the best ways of attracting and retaining staff is by having a well-thought-out scheme. Regularly review packages so you can see which of them the staff is taking advantage of and which they are not. Those which aren’t that popular can be replaced with something else that will benefit employees. A good example is discounts on certain retailers and brands. Try to look for things that can benefit your employees and make their lives a little better.


Showing your care


Businesses are feeling the impact of increasing costs, but they shouldn’t forget that individuals are also worried and anxious. Financial well-being is the employee’s responsibility, but if someone is not worried about their finances, they are more productive and less likely to take time off work because of stress. Credit unions have programs where they deduct a small amount every month so it can be used as a ‘nest egg’ that can be used for unexpected costs like a new kitchen appliance or car repair. They also provide good information for managing money. This doesn’t seem like much, but it is going to have a big impact on employees.

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  1. bestluck954

    December 21, 2022 at 2:28 pm

    13 years ago when I landed in Bangalore, auto guy asked me 700 for 3-4 kms ride. I pointed to my bus parked there and said, I came 550 kms in that bus for INR 700. He gave me a look like, so what? That’s the charge here.

    The only reason is these fucks feel like they can charge anything because there are no other options and police will not do anything to stop them. So lets loot the IT crowd, anyways all of them get 50 lakhs per year salary.

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