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Twellium Foundation producers of Verna Mineral Water through its corporate social responsibility initiative ‘Verna Changing Lives’ is transforming the lives of many needy and dejected Ghanaians living below the poverty line. The project which focuses on helping individual Ghanaians struggling to make a living, disease-stricken and disadvantaged people have meaningful and productive lives has already impacted the lives of many people across the country. ‘Verna Changing Lives’ continues to touch the lives of afflicted young Ghanaians by putting a smile on their face. Now in its fourth seasons, the program promises to inspire even more change in our communities by giving hope to the desolate in society. In this new season, the Verna team travels to Kumasi to capture the saddening story of a crippled young lady who was outcast by his family at a very young age to fend for herself. Ruby was not born a cripple. She got paralyzed three weeks after her birth after which she was hospitalized for several weeks and since then she has never been able to walk. This was how she got thrown out of her family house after her uncle said he had no room for physically challenged people. Ruby was given no option but to seek refuge on the streets of Kumasi begging for arms her entire life. ‘When I close from here, I sleep in front of somebody’s shop. Immediately, at 5 am the owner of the shop comes back and sack me from the place, so I come here to continue begging’ she says. She has no shoulder to lean on, no family, and lives at the peril of thieves and gang rapers. Touched by the soulfully disheartening story of Ruby, Verna set on a journey to alter the story of her life. For the first time, she was graced the luxury of a bed that she had never had growing up as she spends her night in Moda Hotel, Ejisu. Ruby’s life was still yet to be changed. Ruby was given a complete makeover, her own shopping store to sustain her and complete apartment. She couldn’t hide her tears when she burst out into tears expressing her profound gratitude and appreciation for the surprising transformation brought into her life. She praised the Twellium Foundation, Verna Mineral Water and the ‘Verna Changing Lives’ for blessing and restoration they had brought to her life. ]]>