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Contestants bring out the fun side of life on ‘The Challenge’



The Challenge, an educational reality show which brings together twelve intelligent, outspoken, and confident individuals to compete for an all expense paid masters programme in the Robert Gordon University, Scotland seems to be full of ‘book long’. This notion has been proven wrong by this year’s challenge contestants. The contestants for this year’s challenge Afua, Samaad, Selasse, Prince, Emma, Hackman and Sharon have shown that although they are competing for a masters programme, their life is not all about books and weekly tasks which seems to be more business driven tasks. We have fun they said, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy so we let our hair down whenever we have to. Definition of fun differs from each individual but it was interesting to note that they have something in common and that is their love for music, dancing and watching movies. However it was surprising to know that some of these ‘book long’ or ‘book worms’ love music such as hip hop, rnb and even reggae. Who would have guessed this just by taking one look at them, probably one would have guessed they might listen to the opera and beethoven kind of music. Well as the saying goes, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Their fun side of life also showed that some of the contestants love Friday nights because they can go hang out with friends an even go clubbing to listen to latest songs and know the new dance moves in town. Asked if they are good with azonto dance; all seven remaining contestants bragged about their azonto dancing skills and even hinted of a possible azonto competition amongst them. For some of these contestants fun means to have a bowl of popcorn and watch a romance, fiction, comic and adventure movies with friends and family. The next time you go to a club look around because you might spot one of the challenge contestants and might even challenge them to an azonto dance. Aside all the fun they were up to during the week, it was back to business as the contestants were tasked to work graphic designers to produce an art work, graffiti, paint that depicts the tag line of the major sponsor of the challenge Tigo which is smile you’ve got tigo. Their art works was exhibited an auctioned, to know who won this creativity task, tune in to GHOne this Wednesday at 7.30pm and keep on voting for your favorite challenger by texting his or her name to short code 6012 on tigo and across all networks. The Challenge is proudly brought to you by British Council an sponsored by Tigo, smile you’ve got tigo, vitamilk with support from Databank, IPMC, EPP Books services and Beige Capital.  ]]>

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