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Contestants of The Challenge go futuristic with mobile phone technology



BERNARDGone are those days when only the affluent people in society owned mobile phones; these days’ mobile phones are the cheapest and easiest assets owned by everybody and mobile phone brands such as Blackberry, Samsung, IPhone, HTC, Nokia and even Techno are keenly competing for customers. For these mobile phone brands owning a greater share of the market gives them the bragging rights to boast of having the best mobile phone technology worldwide. These days’ people buy phones based on its features and functions but have you ever wondered how mobile phones will look and perform in the year 2020? The Challenge season 5 contestants were tasked to be futuristic in their last task and project how mobile phones will look and perform in the year 2020. In the early 90’s when someone had Nokia 3310 mobile phone, that person was accorded so much respect as that was ‘dopest’ phone at that time; gradually mobile phone evolved and saw nice features such as camera quality, sound quality, mp3 player as well as video player. These days, one has so many options in purchasing a mobile phone, either one goes for Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Iphone or Techno Phantom because of their distinctive features. With new technologies emerging everyday, these phones will be out of vogue in the year 2020 and maybe the mobile phones presented by the challenge contestants will be the trending phones. The Warriors Group came up with Neuron C1, M1 and MA with never thought of features which includes statistics on one’s health like blood pressure, respiratory rate, Blood oxygen, emotional stress levels, retina defect correction etc. Other features are wireless voip and charging, ecololation, finger print recognition, retina display, high 3D gaming graphics and 3D holographic imagery The Heroes Group (Gracey, Benedicta and Elorm) presented the C- chairs executive, C-sapphire and C-jive mobile phones with unique features such as expandable to tablet forms, face and voice recognition, bar code scanning, holographic display, digital cheques signing, wireless charging and near field communication. The Champs Group (Celia, Eve and Bernard) also presented Sky Novel, Fon Light and Lotus with the following features retina pass code and palm recognition, Cloud back up/sky office, Banking, Translator, sensor air condition regulator, baby sensor, projector and all other android apps. Will all these features make it to 2020 mobile phone technology? Well these are brilliant ideas that if any mega mobile phone brand should adopt, they will be the leading selling brand in the world. After this excellent well executed task, Eve and Bernard both of The Champs group exited the competition. The heat and pressure is on as The Challenge season 5 gears into the grand finale next week Saturday the 14th of December at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Who will be crowned this year’s Challenger?  Keep on watching and keep on voting for your favourite challenger to emerge the ultimate winner by texting their names to 1751. Viewers are also encouraged to play the weekly trivia and win Tigo airtime, mobile phones and an international trip. The Challenge Season 5 is produced by GHOne with support from IPMC, Beige Capital, VitaMilk, the University of Salford, Northampton and the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen Scotland. It is a British Council Ghana Initiative and proudly sponsored by TIGO. The show airs this and every Sunday at 5:30pm on TV3, ETV at 6.30pm and at 8pm on GHOne entertainment TV. Visit for more info.]]>

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