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Corten+: The Innovation that Revolutionizes Metal Processing




The world of metallurgy has never been so fascinating. Where metal was once synonymous with strength and durability, it is now the ground for a true revolution thanks to Corten+.

Discovery of Corten+

Corten+ is much more than just a product. It is a real innovation that has shaken up the rules of the game in the metallurgy industry. Imagine a product that can clean metal, accelerate rust in a controlled manner, convert rust into a protective layer and much more. Corten+ is the future of metallic materials.

Cleaning the Metal


The first feat of Corten+ lies in its ability to clean metal, restoring its original shine. Corrosion, dirt and surface deposits disappear, revealing a shiny metallic surface.

Accelerate Controlled Rust

Corten+ can also accelerate rust formation, but in a controlled manner. Instead of allowing rust to spread uncontrolled, Corten+ allows controlled oxidation, creating a protective rust layer.

Convert Rust to Protective Shield


What makes Corten+ even more incredible is its ability to transform rust into a long-lasting protective layer. This layer prevents further corrosion, meaning the metal remains strong and durable for decades.

A Range of Endless Possibilities

The applications of Corten+ are just as endless as its capabilities. From architectural structures to metal artworks, boats to sculptures, Corten+ is redefining the way we use metal.

A More Sustainable Future


In addition to its technical benefits, Corten+ provides an ecological benefit by reducing the need to regularly replace metal materials, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Corten+ is the product that transcends the limits of traditional metallurgy. It’s a revolution in the way we design, use and preserve metal. So, get ready to explore a new universe of metallic possibilities with Corten+.

Discover Corten+ today, and redefine your vision of metal. The future is in your hands, and it’s rusty, but in the best way possible.


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