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Counselor Adumata advises women who are not enjoying their marriages



Marriage counselor, life coach and relationship expert Kwaku Adumatah, popularly known as Uncle Adumatah, has come out strongly to advise married women, specifically Christians, facing martial abuses, to divorce their husbands and save their lives.

In an interview with Owurayere Nanapani Arhin, host of the Obasima show on Onua FM, Uncle Adumatah said no Christian woman should allow an abusive man to trade or exchange the happiness of the marriage for bitterness, violence or perhaps death.

“You have to leave,” he emphasized.

He went on to say it is better to divorce an abusive man than staying in an abusive marriage, which will possibly end up one’s life.


Counselor Adumatah ended by saying life is precious so marriage must be enjoyed but must not be endured, when it’s extremely abusive.

By Omanhene Kwadwo|Onua 95.1FM|Ghana

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