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Creating a Writer’s Haven: Designing a Productive Home Office



home office

It is very helpful to set up a productive space at home for studies or work. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a perfect home office to always be efficient.

Find Ideal Location

The first step is to find a place where you can set up the office. It needs to be designated only for work. Depending on the amount of space you have, it can be a whole room or a desk. Keep in mind that

  • It needs decent lighting – a good idea is to have a desk by the window;
  • It needs to be peaceful – do not set an office in the kitchen or somewhere others might be around;
  • There must be enough space for a desk, a chair, and all your supplies;
  • The area should be used only for work – do not try to study from your bed;
  • There should be good ventilation.

When you decide on the location, it is time to plan the layout.

Keep It Ergonomic

For a home office, you’ll need a desk, computer, chair, and some storage space for all the supplies. Some might also need to incorporate a printer, scanner, or additional computer screen.

Make sure that the furniture you choose is ergonomic. It means that the table should be of the proper height and size. It needs to fit your body. If you can get an adjustable one, it is a good investment.


Also, ensure that your chair is comfortable and has proper back support. You are going to spend long hours here, and if the chair is not comfortable, it might result in back pain.

Do not forget to adjust your screen and computer positioning to your eyes.

Set All the Tech

Internet connection is a vital thing for home office productivity. If it is unreliable or slow, you might spend too much time on frustration and fixing issues instead of focusing on the task.

Ensure all your technology is working perfectly and there is a steady Internet connection. If you have a lot of equipment, take care of your cable management. A neatly organized space helps you concentrate. A mess, on the other hand, can be distracting and irritating.


Replicate Office Details

You do not have to turn it into a cubicle, but some office accessories might be helpful. For example, place a calendar somewhere where you can see it. It will make planning and scheduling easy.

Also, make sure you have all the essential supplies to take notes and keep reminders for yourself. Consider placing a to-do list in a visible place so it is easier to focus on priorities. You can bring fun accessories like a “staff only” sign or “at work.”

Reduce Distractions

The easiest way to lose productivity is to get distracted by small things. Your home office should be a perfect balance of comfort and minimalism so that you have everything you need but nothing that will make you procrastinate.

To reduce distractions, you can:

  • De-clutter the space and get rid of everything you do not need;
  • Keep unused items in drawers where you cannot see them;
  • Use noise-canceling headphones;
  • Close the door if you have a separate room and establish rules with the people you live with;
  • Put your phone in a drawer as well;
  • Turn off notifications besides the crucial ones.

Apply the same principle to your computer as well. One valuable tip is to have two different accounts on the same laptop – one for work and another for personal use. So when you are working on an essay, the game icon won’t be tempting you.

Add a Personal Touch

Although keeping things clean and organized is better, it doesn’t mean the space should be sterile. You can add some personal touches to make working here more comfortable and enjoyable. It can be a picture of loved ones, a small plant, or an organizer in your favorite colors.

You can choose a coaster for your coffee cup that reminds you of when you’ve traveled with friends. Or you can hang an art piece that inspires you and reminds you about the goals you are working toward.

In Summary

With these tips in mind, you can always create a perfect home office to be productive and comfortable. Studying or working from home has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you get all the flexibility and comfort. On the other hand, it might not be easy to focus sometimes. If you need help meeting academic requirements, you can go to professionals. Could I pay to take my online class with the help of an expert? – the answer is yes, of course. Academic assistance service is ready to guide you through it and help with any assignment.

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