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Creative Arts Industry Bill passed into law – Tourism Minister



Parliament has passed the Creative Arts Bill, expected to accelerate the growth of the sector, into law.

The law amongst others establishes the Creative Arts Fund and an Agency to promote the industry.

It will also enable the government to organise the Creative Arts Industry and create an enabling environment through direct and indirect support for practitioners and industry players to impact on national development.

Speaking to the media outside Parliament House, Thursday, Tourism Minister Barbara Oteng Gyasi said: “this is a good day for the Creative Arts Industry, we are excited.”

“So today I am happy to announce that we have passed the Creative Arts Industry Bill and very soon it will be assented to by the President,” the minister added.

She added that the Creative Arts Agency which will be established will also ensure that all the various issues that confront the industry are addressed.

“We know that from next year, 2021, the Agency is going to be set up, we will have adequate funding from the budget, other sources,” she added.

This funding, she explained, will be used to support industry practitioners to boost their activities.

“The establishment of the Creative Arts Fund is very significant because we know that that is one of the major challenges of the industry,” Mrs Oteng-Gyasi said.

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