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Critique Café debuts online



With lots of competition all over the world, selling any product has become such a great challenge. That is where Marketers worth their salt come in with innovative ways to sell snow to the Scandinavian. ‘Critique Café’ is the new thing when it comes to selling movies in Ghana. This is the brainchild of Kwabena Poku (Media Pop) and Nana Kofi Asihene (NKACC) in their relentless attempt to sell premium entertainment to viewers. ‘Critique Café’ is a ten minutes suave production which examines new movies and put it to the test. It has three panelists who take new movies through enthusiastic critique albeit one movie at a time. These panelists are people who know their beans with movies although they will be constantly rotated depending on interest and genre. “Because we don’t want to bore our viewers, we would rotate the panelist depending on the movie genre. There will be times when we will have children on set when it is a children’s movie or an animated movie. Also, we will occasionally have local movie critics”, Kwabena Poku, the head at Media Pop intimated. To reiterate, movies to be taken through the microscopic lenses will include both local and foreign movies. Kwabena Poku added that, with such a tight production the duration is important. It will be increased but for now it won’t go beyond the ten minutes. Tightly squeezed ‘Critique Café’ will soon start talking contributions from viewers. Any chance it will hit our tv screens? “The motivation is to change the perception of productions in Ghana where everything is done for tv. We are focusing on digital media preferably social media. For now it is online and on YouTube but we are talking to some stations”, Kwabena explained. ‘Critique Café’ is going to be a weekly and sometimes a bi-weekly production.  On the other hand producers will sometimes have a live Google hang-out reviews with our follower online. ‘Critique Café’ is the first production and with a promise of more coming not just for movies but for other levels of the entertainment industry. Thing is all production is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes. This innovation is buoyed by the fact that research undertaken revealed to producers that, statistics shows lots of Ghanaians are now online via mobile, PC and other products Apple products. This makes it possible to reach out to them knowing that we have a 24/7 audience who need good quality content in terms of their movies hence our style of reaching them.]]>

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