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Cruel Santino Releases “Owambe” themed “Tapenga” Music Video



Multi-hyphenate artist Cruel Santino has unveiled the official video for song “Tapenga” off his conceptual album Subaru Boys : Final Heaven (March 2022). Directed by Cruel Santino, “Tapenga” video comes as part of the rollout creatively packaged as “Patch Update v1.000.” With the patch update, Cruel Santino also released a trailer announcing more video releases, skits and merch that will live on Subaru Live TV.

Speaking on the release of the update and video, Santi shares:

“Life is literally a movie, and it’s very important to document your life and times so you don’t become lost in the missing pieces of history.

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Subaru Live TV is my way of showing my life and the lives of others around me, I am on a journey that will probably never end, I want to make movies, anime, video games and more music, and Subaru Live TV is a documentation of everything as its ongoing and happening.

“Tapenga” is more or less just a fun day in our lives, we’re always filming and looking for things to shoot and make it as organic and real as possible. That way the emotion and feel of it, lives forever…” ~ Cruel Santino

“Tapenga” is set in the current reality in contrast to the animated world of Subaru Boys that Cruel Santino has been drip feeding fans over the months. The video is a modern interpretation of a traditional Nigerian tradition “Owambe” — a celebration of big events and milestones in Naija culture — shot from the perspective of young adults living in Africa.

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