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Culture, history and modernity… exploring beautiful Morocco!!!



When I got on that 5a.m Monday morning flight, it was my first time flying Royal Air Maroc, and also my first time going to North Africa. So, in spite of waking up very early to get to the Kotoka International Airport, there was a lot to look forward to.

It was a smooth 4-hour journey from Accra to Casablanca with no incident, which later had me wondering why there are some bad reviews of the airline online. When I posted a video of my flight on Instagram, my Nigerian buddy in the UK asked me for my feedback on Royal Air Maroc, because she wanted to use it but was hesitant due to some stories she had heard.

When I posted my flight on Facebook, another Nigerian buddy, this time around, based in the US also asked me for feedback. She wanted to use the airline as well. I gave both friends my honest opinion of the plane, saying that it was a smooth flight from Accra to Casablanca; and the airbus served the purpose of the route. I however told the latter that I would have a better feedback for her since I had a pending flight from Casablanca to New York in some few days.

Anyway, from the moment I touched down in Casablanca I fell in love with Morocco. The airport was nice and beautiful, and felt like a beach resort outside. I didn’t know my full itinerary for the trip yet, but I was ready for any and everything.

A city with great stories to tell, hello Casablanca !

We jumped on our tour bus and made our way out of the airport. As we headed to our hotel, our tour guide from Access Holidays gave us an overview of what to expect during our 6-day stay in Morocco. He also didn’t waste any time giving us a bit of history on Morocco and the city of Casablanca throughout the ride.

Morocco is composed mainly of Arabs and Berbers or a mixture of the two. A sizeable number of Berbers live mainly in the mountainous regions, where they have preserved their language and culture. Some segments of the population are (Moorish) descendants of refugees from Spain and Portugal who fled from Christian re-conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. The major resources of the Moroccan economy are agriculture, phosphates, tourism and textiles. Politics of Morocco take place in a framework of a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, whereby the Prime Minister of Morocco is the head of government, and of a multi-party system.

The Moroccan Constitution provides for a monarchy with a Parliament and an independent judiciary. The King of Morocco appoints the Prime Minister/President, along with other ministers and members of the government that the new President recommends. The Parliament of Morocco then approves the programs of the new government, before the new government formally takes office. There are no constitutional limits on a President’s term, and several of them served multiple non-consecutive terms.

We eventually made our way to the Farrah Safir hotel, most of us thought we were going to have some rest after the early morning flight but phew, we were so wrong!!! We checked in to our rooms, went to the restaurant to have lunch and then hit the road for a city tour of Casablanca. Casablanca is the cosmopolitan, industrial and economic heart of Morocco and its largest city. It is a city where history and modernity meets with fabulous architecture from different eras.

casablanca ameyaw debrah1

Notredame Lourdes Church

Highlights of the city tour included a visit to the United Nations Square (Place des Nations Unies – a large square at the heart of the city, surrounded by shops and restaurants); and the Mohammed V Square, which shows a panoramic view of the ‘Administrative Center’ of Casablanca. Most of the major surrounding buildings were built in the first half of the 20th century.

casablanca ameyaw debrah2

Habbous Palace… Some of the iconic old buildings in the areas include The Court House (1923), Bank Al Maghreb (1937), The Grand Post Office (1918), The Wilaya (1937) and the French Consulate (1922).

We also visited Casablanca’s Habous Quarter, otherwise known as New Medina. It is an area of the city built in 1930s by the French; it features a wonderful mix of French and Moroccan inspired architecture. Here, we saw the exteriors of one the King’s many palaces, and visited the Notre Dame de Lourdes Church built in the 1950s. The church is one of the city’s most beautiful churches, adored for its intricate stained glass window – a creation of the famous French artist Gabriel Loire.

We completed the city tour of Casablanca with a visit to The Hassan II Mosque, the 13th largest mosque in the world (Its minaret is the world’s tallest at 210 meters/ 689ft), before using the Ain Diab circuit famous for its spectacular beaches and hotels on our way to the Mall of Morocco.

We closed the day with a rather sexy dinner at the Le Boudoir restaurant, as the name suggests.



Horse and camel rides, fantasia shows and monuments, hello Marrakech!!!

On day 2 we checked out of the hotel in Casablanca and headed to Marrakech by road. As we made the journey we explored more of the beauty and history Casablanca had to offer.

After some 3 hours on the road we arrived in Marrakech, which is a perfect combination of old and new Morocco.   Marrakech is the third largest city in Morocco, after Casablanca and Fez, and lies near the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. It also lies few hours from the foot of the Sahara Desert.

The city is divided into two distinct parts: the Medina, the historical city, and the new European modern district called Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle.   After checking in at the spectacular Hôtel Les Jardins de l’Agdal, we freshened up and hit the streets in a horse and carriage ride, yes my first and I enjoyed it thoroughly! We rode through the city, enjoying the sights and sounds of Marrakech all the way to Jamaa el Fna, a square and market place in Marrakesh’s medina quarter (old city).

Hôtel Les Jardins de lAgdal marrakech1Hôtel Les Jardins de lAgdal marrakech2

After our fun cruise in the city, we made our way to the famous Chez Ali for dinner (authentic Moroccan cuisine) and the spectacular ‘Fantasia Chez Ali’ show. The evening program included the show in Berber tents decorated in Bedouin style with a charming atmosphere with belly dancers, acrobats, riders and Gnaoui music and folk music.

chez ali dinner and fantasia show in Marrakech Ameyaw Debrah1chez ali dinner and fantasia show in Marrakech Ameyaw Debrah2chez ali dinner and fantasia show in Marrakech Ameyaw Debrah3chez ali dinner and fantasia show in Marrakech Ameyaw Debrah4chez ali dinner and fantasia show in Marrakech Ameyaw Debrah5chez ali dinner and fantasia show in Marrakech Ameyaw Debrah6chez ali dinner and fantasia show in Marrakech Ameyaw Debrah7chez ali dinner and fantasia show in Marrakech Ameyaw Debrah8chez ali dinner and fantasia show in Marrakech Ameyaw Debrah9

The second day in Marrakech started early with a city tour from Koutoubia in the southwest medina quarter of Marrakesh. We visited the Koutoubia Mosque and Koutoubia Gardens, known for its topiary and many roses.

Koutoubia Gardens1Koutoubia Gardens2

We also visited the Saadian tombs, which date to time of the Saadian dynasty sultan Ahmad al-Mansur (1578-1603). The tombs were discovered in 1917 and were renovated. The mausoleum comprises the interments of about sixty members of the Saadi Dynasty. Among the graves are those of Ahmad al-Mansur and his family. The building is composed of three rooms. The most famous is the room with the twelve columns. This room contains the grave of the son of the sultan’s son, Ahmad al-Mansur.

Saadian tombs in marrakech ameyaw debrah1Saadian tombs in marrakech ameyaw debrah2

We also went into the township to buy some crafts and souvenirs, and I got the chance to charm and touch a snake for the first time. It was cold, and I won’t be trying it again anytime soon. Goodness know how much my heart sank in, when I saw the cobra raise its head, ready to attack. (Insert emoji for running here)

marrakechsnake charmers in marrakech ameyaw debrah1snake charmers in marrakech ameyaw debrah2snake charmers in marrakech ameyaw debrah3

Our city tour of Marrakech continued to the Bahia Palace, built in the late 19th century, and intended to be the greatest palace of its time. It was intended to capture the essence of the Islamic and Moroccan style. It has a 2-acre garden with rooms opening onto courtyards.

Bahia Palace in marrakech ameyaw debrah

Our tour for the day ended at the Majorelle Garden, a two and half acre botanical and artistic landscape garden created by French Orientalist artist, Jacques Majorelle over almost forty years, starting in 1923. It features a Cubist villa designed by French architect, Paul Sinoir in the 1930s. The property was the residence of the artist and his wife. In the 1980s, fashion designers, Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé who worked to restore it, purchased the property.

Majorelle Garden in marrakech ameyaw debrah1Majorelle Garden in marrakech ameyaw debrah2Majorelle Garden in marrakech ameyaw debrah3Majorelle Garden in marrakech ameyaw debrah4Majorelle Garden in marrakech ameyaw debrah5Majorelle Garden in marrakech ameyaw debrah6Majorelle Garden in marrakech ameyaw debrah7Majorelle Garden in marrakech ameyaw debrah8Majorelle Garden in marrakech ameyaw debrah9

Lunch came in the form of tasty couscous and tagines at the stunning Al Fassia Resturant.

Al Fassia Resturant in marrakech ameyaw debrah1Al Fassia Resturant in marrakech ameyaw debrah2Al Fassia Resturant in marrakech ameyaw debrah3Al Fassia Resturant in marrakech ameyaw debrah4Al Fassia Resturant in marrakech ameyaw debrah5

After a scrumptious lunch it was time to burn some calories; we departed for the Kasba of The Mirage for camel riding and quad biking activities. It was my first time riding on a camel, so I took my trophy at the finish line with pride.

camel ride in marrakech ameyaw debrah1camel ride in marrakech ameyaw debrah2camel ride in marrakech ameyaw debrah3camel ride in marrakech ameyaw debrah4

We had dinner at the Lotus Club Marrakech, an elegant and contemporary place with varied and refined cuisine, cleverly concocted by its star chef. In addition to the fabulous food, there was live show with a fusion of live music and dancing.Lotus Club Marrakech ameyaw debrah1Lotus Club Marrakech ameyaw debrah2Lotus Club Marrakech ameyaw debrah3Lotus Club Marrakech ameyaw debrah4

Crocs, boat and little train rides, it’s time for Agadir!!!

The following morning we had breakfast and departed for Agadir by bus. As we embarked on the 4-hour or so journey, our tour guide gave us more information about Marrakech and eventually our new destination, Agadir.   Agadir is a major modern city in the southern part of Morocco, surrounded by the Anti Atlas, the Sahara Desert on the Atlantic coast with many national parks, and secluded beaches which are all easily accessible.  

In 1960 the city was hit by an earthquake, which destroyed the city including the ancient Kasbah. An estimated 15,000 were killed, 12,000 injured and some 35,000 people left homeless. In 1961 the city began reconstruction two miles south of the epicenter.

The city centre was based on a grid system, similar with New York, making it simple to get your bearings and move around.   Whilst tourism plays a vital role in the city’s economy it remains a major port with a thriving fishing industry, exporting produce and natural resources.   We made our first touring stop at Crocoparc Agadir, located just on the outskirts of Agadir.

The park features a fascinating world of reptiles with ten species of crocodiles. The Crocodile Farm has over 300 animals as well as botanical, tropical and aquatic gardens, small waterfalls, and roaring cascades accompanied by singing birds.

Crocoparc Agadir ameyaw debrah1Crocoparc Agadir ameyaw debrah2Crocoparc Agadir ameyaw debrah3Crocoparc Agadir ameyaw debrah4

From the park we made our way to check in to the stunning Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort, inspired by Arab-Berber art and nestling in a bay of palm trees which plunge into the ocean. We immediately had lunch; nothing could say welcome to Agadir more than a taste of fresh seafood salad and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, all from the food basket of the city.

Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort ameyaw debrah1Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort ameyaw debrah2Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort ameyaw debrah3Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort ameyaw debrah4
We freshened up and headed off for a city tour. We visited the Casbah (Agadir Oufella), an authentic fortress built in 1572. Of this fortress there remains (after the earthquake of 1960) a restored long high wall that surrounds land that is not buildable.

Agadir Oufella ameyaw debrah1Agadir Oufella ameyaw debrah2Agadir Oufella ameyaw debrah4Agadir Oufella ameyaw debrah5Agadir Oufella ameyaw debrah6

The view over the bay of Agadir and the ports was simply stunning from the top. The hill bears the inscription in Arabic: “God, Country, King” which, like the walls, is illuminated at night.

Agadir Oufella ameyaw debrah3

We explored the waterfront, Old Talborjt, beach and marina as we made our way to experience the Petit train d’Agadir. The little train is a road train that traverses some of the tourist spots in Agadir.

Agadir ameyaw debrah1Agadir ameyaw debrah2Agadir ameyaw debrah3

We closed the night with a taste of Moroccan cuisine at Le Jardin D’eau restaurant.

Le Jardin Deau restaurant agadir ameyaw debrah1Le Jardin Deau restaurant agadir ameyaw debrah2Le Jardin Deau restaurant agadir ameyaw debrah3Le Jardin Deau restaurant agadir ameyaw debrah4

In the morning, we had breakfast at the hotel before heading out on a fun boat cruise. It was a relaxing experience as we cruised on the calm waters with fun music. We also tried fishing but had no success with catching any. We also had lunch on a boat – sardine rice with tasty fish, cooked fresh from the waters.

agadir boat cruise ameyaw debrah1
agadir boat cruise ameyaw debrah2

After the cruise we went back to the hotel to relax. In the evening, we headed to Folie Berbere restaurant, a peaceful and friendly setting with the gastronomy of an inventive cuisine, combining seasonal specialties and local products. We also witnessed a small Fantasia show for our entertainment.

Folie Berbere restaurant in agdir ameyaw debrah1Folie Berbere restaurant in agdir ameyaw debrah2Folie Berbere restaurant in agdir ameyaw debrah3Folie Berbere restaurant in agdir ameyaw debrah4Folie Berbere restaurant in agdir ameyaw debrah5

The end to a fun and educative adventure!!!

The following day, it was time to bring the exciting adventure to an end. After lunch, we lounged at the hotel a bit before heading to the Airport to catch a flight to Casablanca. When we arrived in Casablanca I said my farewell to the team as they headed back to Accra later that night.


lounging at Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort ameyaw debrah1lounging at Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort ameyaw debrah2lounging at Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort ameyaw debrah3lounging at Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort ameyaw debrah4

I was continuing my journey to US the following day, so I checked into the Atlas Sky Airport Hotel for the night. When it was time for my New York flight, I went to airport and headed straight to the boarding gate, since I had checked in my luggage from the Agadir Airport. Yes, that means I wore the same clothes from the previous day, and no it didn’t smell. I had my shower at the hotel. Laugh out loud!

Atlas Sky Airport Hotel in casablanca ameyaw debrah

My room at Atlas Sky Airport Hotel in casablanca

Anyway I boarded the flight and made my way to New York, and now I had an answer to my friend who had enquired about using Royal Air Maroc from the US to Nigeria.   My flight to New York was a smooth journey with almost no eventualities. Apart from being delayed because just when we were ready for take off, a passenger wanted to disembark. The staffs of the airline were so patient with the passenger that it even angered other passengers, but eventually the passenger’s luggage was offloaded from the plane and he disembarked.   Apparently he had found out last minute (after speaking on the phone) that his wife/girlfriend who was supposed to travel to the US couldn’t get an American visa. So in the name of love, he made the tough decision to not leave Morocco without his lover. He disembarked together with his mother (who seemed rather unhappy and embarrassed). Phew!   Anyway I went to the US safe and smoothly, and returned to Ghana on Royal Air Maroc, without seeing a reason to advise anyone not to travel with the airline.

Culture, history and modernity… exploring beautiful Morocco!!! 62

 exploring beautiful Morocco on the wings of Royal Air Maroc




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Should Trader Joe’s Enter The Online Grocery Delivery Business Why Or Why Not?



Picture 1 2

The founders of the grocery store company that started it all in 1967 stand by the idea that they are dedicated to providing low prices. Customers love it because of the unusual and reasonably priced items it sells. It’s a retail giant, with locations in 43 different states from Alabama to Wisconsin. Products with the Trader Joe’s label are more prevalent than those with other brands, and they cover the gamut from the unusual and intriguing to the essential.


The fact that this restricted access exists is great news since it’s beneficial to workers. It’s possible that line of thinking still won’t have you ordering Trader Joe’s groceries online and having them delivered. To that end, I have compiled a list of the six most popular Trader Joe’s delivery alternatives brought to you straight to your door.


Is a platform that puts those who need assistance with mundane chores like delivery in touch with “taskers” who are able to complete the work for them. TaskRabbit customers can place their grocery orders at Trader Joe’s by following these steps:


-Access TaskRabbit via their official website.

-Tell them where to bring the items from Trader Joe’s and what you need them to bring.

-Pick the person you want to do the job. Someone called a “tasker” will run out and get the groceries and bring them to your home

-The provisions are on their way, thanks to Tasker.

-Use TaskRabbit for payment and feedback


Is a well-known website that provides classified advertising on the internet and allows users to buy and sell products online. Since you will be dealing directly with the vendor, Craigslist is merely acting as a go-between for you. On Craigslist, you can look for Trader Joe’s groceries by following these steps:


-Visit Craigslist and enter your zip code.

-Check out the “Sale” tab.

-Make a selection.

-Choose what you want by clicking on it.

-Review the information, then hit the “Reply” button to send an email to Trader Joe’s.

-The seller will then let you know when and where to meet up to complete the transaction.


Dumpling Grocery

Is a shopping and delivery app that lets users choose the store they wish to do their shopping at, and then delivers the things to their doorstep. This is in contrast to the majority of delivery apps, which give the Amazonbusiness no choice but to sign up with the respective delivery app. In order to shop at Trader Joe’s and take advantage of Dumpling’s delivery option:


-Check out Dumpling’s “Shopping” tab on the app.

-Trader Joe’s and other local retailers will appear once you enter your zip code.

-Make use of the app’s in-built live chat function to ask inquiries and voice your opinions.

-Make a purchase

-On-time shipping


Is a massive corporation that sells a wide variety of products, including food. You may order Trader Joe’s products through Amazon’s online grocery store. You can place an Amazon order for Trader Joe’s products by doing the following:


-Make sure you have an Amazon account, or if you already have one, sign in here.

-To access the “Groceries” area, navigate to the “Departments” section.

-You should look for the Trader Joe’s products that you desire, then click on each one individually.

-Examine the products and add them to your shopping cart.

-Proceed with the purchase by inputting your shipping address.

-Pick a mode of payment to continue.

-Place your order


Famous for its low prices and unusual selection, Trader Joe’s is a go-to supermarket for many. Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer its own delivery service, but you can have your groceries delivered by a third-party provider. If you’ve been putting off a Trader Joe’s order because of the store’s “no delivery” policy, you can stop worrying about it now. Trader Joe’s now has a grocery delivery service so you can get your goods delivered to your door.

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A Short Guide to Orlando International Airport



orlando airport

Orlando International Airport MCO is famous for being one of the busiest airports in the United States of America and even the whole globe. Being the tenth busiest airport in the world, it served 4,769,6627 passengers in 2018. Almost a thousand flights a day, the airport serves as the primary international gateway for the central Florida region. There is a connection to 135 different cities in the United States and beyond that are serviced by this airport. United Airlines, the largest airline in the United States and the globe, is maintained at MCO, which encompasses 5,383 hectares and is one of the largest commercial airports in the United States by area.

Brief terminal guide

The main terminal building at Orlando International Airport is part of the airport’s hub plan, which also includes four lateral aero sides with a total of more than a hundred gates and is connected to the main terminal building with elevated human-engine lines. Terminals maps Orlando Airport MCO ( are available in open access, and we do recommend using them, as the structure of the airport is quite complicated for the first-time user.

Shortly, on the two opposite sides, northern and southern, you can find respectively Terminal A and Terminal B. They form the whole structure of the airport and are the two main terminals of the Orlando International Airport

You can also find two security checkpoints in the Western (Terminals 1 and 3) and Eastern (Terminals 2 and 3) wings of the airport. Check-in and baggage check-in areas are located in both terminals. Passengers at MCO, unlike those at Tampa’s comparable airport system, must go through security checks before boarding man-powered transport to the aero sides.

To improve passengers’ experience, there is a hotel of Hyatt Regency company located just within the airport’s main terminal. The lobby is on the fourth floor, higher are guest rooms which are accessible from the terminal side of the East Atrium. Also, there is a restaurant on the upper level of the terminal building with views of the airport and runways, as well as conference rooms, many bars, and two restaurants for passengers waiting for their flights.

Passenger Recommendations

Due to the fact, that the Orlando International Airport MCO is a huge establishment, the team has developed a special application for the passengers. It is called «Orlando MCO Airport» and you can easily find it among Android Apps on Google Play ( and download it for free. This app is a perfect way to benefit users’ experience not only with using the airport but also using an app.

No matter what struggles you face when arriving at the terminal — flight times and gates, delays, location of gates and terminals, an interactive map, which guides your path throughout your experience at the airport, shops and cafes, etc.

The app’s access to a wealth of web resources means that users may quickly find answers to their pressing travel questions and problems. The designers’ ultimate goal is to deliver lightning-fast assistance to every user in a time of need. Acquiring the Orlando MCO Airport app is all about providing superior support with an innovative digital infrastructure.

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Africans will do better if we trade in our own currencies



Delali Adiamah

The C.E.O of Waya Money, a mobile and web app providing payment solutions to businesses in Africa has challenged business owners to move away from trading with the dollar to using their own local currencies. (more…)

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KINTAMPO WATERFALLS: “The Ultimate Come Back Kid”



kintampo waterfalls canopy walk

Bad days are only temporary indeed. The Kintampo waterfalls have taught the world to trust in destiny and that nothing is permanent. Things change, and it’s never a bad thing. After going through fire, waterfalls sprouted green once again; reminding us that nature is resilient and can bounce back from anything.

Watching the Kintampo Waterfalls struggle with its own identity has been painful. In early 2017, the waterfall was declared unsafe for visitors, due to a major accident that led to the death of some students who were on tour. The message sent out was clear: no one should visit this place again until it is safe enough for people to return without any risk to their safety or well- being.

It was a chance to rekindle the flame of the once-burning Kintampo Waterfalls, so the site’s management created a canopy walkway as a companion attraction to the waterfalls, which were already popular. The location has been rebranded and is now the only waterfall in Ghana with a canopy walkway thanks to this fantastic innovation.
The Canopy Walkway offers a novel experience that includes giving visitors a bird’s-eye perspective of the surrounding area as well as an exhilarating sense of adventure.

The location is spacious enough for tourists /visitors or campers who want to spend the night there, and safety and security is guaranteed. One can visit Kintampo Waterfalls any day between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:30 pm as the park permits walk-up visitors. The tour guides at Kintampo Waterfalls feel that you are the perfect accompaniment, thus they provide extremely informative, calming, and educational interpretations. The majority of visitors have attested to this, giving them a reason to visit the location again.

How to get there?

The Kintampo Waterfalls is located in the Bono-East Region in Ghana, Along the Kintampo- Tamale highway, on the fringes of Kintampo, are the waterfalls, which are about 50 meters apart.
The closest airport is the newly opened Sunyani Airport, which is about a 120minute drive from the waterfalls. If you are coming from Accra, it will take about 3 hours. In case you are in a hurry and don’t want to take the scenic route, you can take the highway. The Kintampo waterfalls are easily accessible by road, and the road is in great shape.

Final words
The Kintampo Waterfalls have shown us that anything is possible. The waterfalls have bounced back and now they are bigger and better than ever before! The waterfalls are a must-see for anyone who visits the Bono-East region. The waterfalls are a beautiful sight to see, and they are also very important because they provide a source of clean water for the surrounding areas. For both plant and animal species, Kintampo Waterfalls offers a hospitable ecology. The site’s abundant vegetation is a significant factor in the ongoing effort to mitigate climate change. The Kintampo Waterfalls is an important tourist destination in Ghana that should be preserved and protected to allow people to enjoy the natural wonder for many years to come. These waterfalls are truly worthy of their title as “ultimate comeback kid”.

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How to Find a Reliable Car Mechanic



auto mechanic

It’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to a professional mechanic, especially if you don’t know much about cars. You’re often left wondering if you needed all those repairs the mechanic insisted on. That’s why it’s a good idea to start searching for a reliable car mechanic before you require anything done on your vehicle. You don’t usually have the time or luxury to make a calculated decision when your vehicle breaks down. The following article will provide helpful tips on finding a good mechanic, one you can entirely depend on.

Online Reviews

Please do your due diligence when it comes to researching online. Reviews by other people can help you make an informed decision. The best place to start your investigation into a reliable mechanic is at a search engine like Google. Remember, the first result may not be superior; it might be popular at that moment.

You will need to wade through good and bad reviews. Don’t be alarmed by less-than-stellar ones; you should avoid that mechanic and their shop if the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones. You can check out places like social media platforms, Better Business Bureau, and other review websites like Yelp if you still need more online opinions.

Word of Mouth

If you want an opinion on local mechanics, asking family members, co-workers, and friends for input can be beneficial. With any prosperous enterprise, mechanics rely on happy customers for repeat business. People in your life can give you recommendations based on their experience and at a place close to where you live (which is convenient). An outstanding reputation takes time. A new mechanic in the area doesn’t always have a strong presence yet, but it doesn’t mean they provide lousy service. Based on other criteria, it would be up to you if you wanted to try them out.

Have a Conversation with the Mechanic

Auto mechanics who genuinely care won’t mind taking the time to speak to you about your questions and concerns. You are a potential new customer; they will want your business, so make the trip out or place a simple phone call to alleviate your qualms. If you don’t get a good feeling about the shop or mechanic, that they don’t have the time for you, go elsewhere with your car. You want someone you can form a trust bond with over the long run.

It would be best if you started by asking them about their qualifications. Many mechanics aren’t always required to be licensed (depending on location). Still, it’s compulsory to (at least) have work experience, an apprenticeship, pass an examination, or have some education for the job. Make sure that they’re capable of working on your car. Some mechanics only deal with typical vehicles. A car with a European motor or a diesel one requires different parts and attention than the average car. If a mechanic deals with specialty vehicles regularly, they will have special knowledge, equipment, and credentials.

Pricing and Estimates

Verify the pricing for repairs and maintenance of your car with the mechanic you are interested in. They should be on par with other auto shops and mechanics. If they are overcharging, that doesn’t mean they will give you superior service. They are charging you outrageous prices, so you need to walk away. The same goes if their prices are too good to be true. It’s suspicious for a garage to have meager prices compared to other repair shops.

As a customer, it’s your prerogative to get an estimate of the repair or services involved in your vehicle before the mechanic moves ahead to work on it. You don’t have to accept the assessment. It’s a great idea to look up your rights regarding mechanics online. The more knowledge you have, the better equipped you will be to handle yourself. Getting the mechanic to give you an estimate also allows you to see how they work. Are they being truthful, communicating well, and being forthcoming? Are you getting along with the mechanic and staff? If dealing with this produces any “red flags,” you can reject the offer and move forward with a different shop or mechanic that is adequate for your wants and needs.

Exceptional Customer Service

Some auto shops might not be fancy or have a receptionist, but good customer service is more than that. A mechanic thrives on customer loyalty. They want their clients to trust them with their vehicles and come back again and again for maintenance and repairs. An impersonal mechanic and dealing with you like you are just something to check off on his list of things to do, doesn’t make you feel very appreciated. Yes, they provide an essential service, but you want to feel good about what you pay for.

In an overcrowded industry like automotive repair, you need to stick out from the masses. Some mechanics provide convenient early morning and late evening options for their clients because they have installed night key drop-off boxes outside their auto repair shop. They are secure, locking steel boxes where customers can drop off their car keys in an envelope before or after business hours. This service helps customers who work standard business hours and cannot drop off their car during that time. Night drop boxes and envelopes can be purchased from MBR Marketing at:

In the End 

The final words of advice would be to trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right about a mechanic or their shop, you aren’t forced to drop your car off there. A great business knows that providing fantastic customer service makes clients feel respected and valued. Not only will you trust your vehicle with your mechanic, but you’re also apt to recommend their business to others.

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All The Sports Betting You Can Do in OKBet



Picture 1

People bet on sports for decades now. The legalities can be up in the air but there are always people betting on which NBA team is going to clutch the championship title this year, and then next year, and so on. Plus, there are a ton of sports and events for people to bet on. That being said, OKBet has a section where people can place bets exclusively only on sports. If you don’t feel like playing casino games, then place your bets on the sporting events. Even if you’re not knowledgeable when it comes to sports, you can place bets not knowing if it’s right or now.

What are the sports that you can bet on OKBet?

They’ve provided a list of sports ranging from basketball to soccer, football (American), baseball, hockey, tennis, and golf. There are even racing events such as motorsports and even horse racing. Plus, MMA is also a part of their things that you can bet on when it comes to sports. The games you can bet on can be made available if you plan on betting. Popular sports organizations are always included like the NBA and more. Just browse through what they have to offer.

The specific bets for sports games

  1. Moneyline Bet

The Moneyline bet is simply which team or player wins the match if the latter isn’t a team-oriented sport. This one is very straightforward because you just have to choose which team or person wins the game. There are no complications and calculations to it. If your picks win, then you win as well.

  1. Spread Bet

This is a bit more complicated but to make it easy, you’re betting on the points of the team you are betting on. Let’s say you bet on Team A which is the favorite to win. This means that Team A has to win the game with a specific point advantage. To further the example, let’s say the spread is a plus and minus 7. Basically, Team A has to win the game with a point lead beyond 7 points. If they are unable to do so, regardless if they win, you still lose. If you bet on Team B which is the least favorite to win, they need to have a point gap of fewer than 7 points. Even if Team B loses, if they only lose by 5 points, you still win. If Team B wins the game, then that’s an automatic win for those that bet on them. A tie (in case there are no overtimes) means that all bettors will lose and not gain anything.

  1. Parlay Bet

Parlay bets are combining a multitude of bets. Let’s say you bet on three teams to win their games. If you combine all three of them, they all have to win their games. If one team loses, then, the entire parlay bet loses. It’s a riskier type of bet but the reward can be bigger.

  1. Totals Bet

This one is a bit trickier since it involves chances, odds, and a little math. Basically, you’re betting on the score of the teams if it is over or under the determined amount.

  1. Props Bet

A props bet revolves around a team or player that people can bet on. The performance will vary and the bets can change so just make sure to check more on this on OKBet.

Gamble on sports in OKBet now

If you love sports and gambling, then try betting on these events today. Armed with your knowledge of sports, you can go for any of the said methods of betting in OKBet and take advantage.

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