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Dance, Unstoppable! Kwesi TumTum presents ‘Agye Nyame’



The youthful African musician and songwriter Zoltan Ohemeng-Boakye, popularly known as Kwesi TumTum, grew up in a large, loving travelling family, exposing him to many experiences and encounters with an array of interesting clusters of cultures. From here, he channels his music.

For Agye Nyame, Kwesi TumTum jumped on the house music scene which emerged from South Africa – Amapiano, and sounds from the likes of Kabza De Small, the duo Jazz Disciples and the genre’s queen Sha Sha. Firm, solid as gold

The efforts Kwesi TumTum’s current label and partners, Sharp Lane Records and Ensiha Music (a subsidiary of Ensiha Digital) put to beget Agye Nyame could be captured in the words by a certain Sufi poet; aligning similar yet diverse talent in a playful, enabling environment.

“From myself I am copper, through you, friend, I am gold. From myself, I’m a stone, but through you, I am a gem” -Rumi

Emerging vocalist GemV used to go by Gamffy (Honey Bee). Close to home, she is Grace Frimpong – a very confident and charming advocate for body positivity and for the health and wellness party. She joins the tribe with the likes of producers and creative talents Froobie Da Noobz, Ogee Xeng and Nee Mantse who have all previously collaborated with the venture partners.

The song’s release comes in time for the summer and a time when Kwesi TumTum hopes his audiences will feel inspired to think and live well, turn up and continue to promote local and indigenous sounds and scenes – and never stop dancing.


Agye Nyame is now available on all digital streaming platforms.


You can stream on itunes at


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