Daniel Duncan Williams goes wild on social media and explains his actions



Arch Bishop Duncan Williams’ last born, Daniel Duncan Williams is the talk of social media after he personally posted naked videos of himself on Twitter.

On Monday dawn, Daniel, who has also been pursuing a music career under the name Dee Wills, took to his twitter account to share erotic videos on his timeline.

One featured two girls who were naked in a pool with him and having a sexual encounter. He captioned it “Timeline asleep?”.

In another post, he dropped a video of himself oiling his manhood and twerking with the caption “AHHHHH HERRHHHH..yh I need my c***k sucked sis.. 

After the videos went viral, Dee Wills hopped on Twitter Live, naked in bed with a blunt in hand to explain the reasons behind his actions.

According to him, a lady named Cassie on whom his spent over 10,000 Ghana Cedis for her birthday cheated on him with another man.

In a long rant, Dee Wills made shocking revelations about himself.

Watch the video below.

This is not the first time Dee Will has had an emotional breakdown on social media.

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