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Dating Multiple Women Is A Financial Burden – Iyanya 



Renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter, Iyanya Onoyom Mbuka, well known by the stage name Iyanya, has recently shared his views on romantic relationships and infidelity.

Speaking in a podcast with DoyinSola David in her popular segment “Doyin’s Corner,” the ‘Kukere’ hitmaker shared his personal stance on cheating and commitment in relationships, adding why he prefers to stick with only one woman.

The crooner further made it clear that he is not a proponent of cheating emphasizing his belief in staying faithful to one woman. Going deeper into his reasoning, Iyanya disclosed that his preference for monogamy is partly due to the high costs associated with dating multiple women.


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He argued that being with many women can be financially draining, a viewpoint that aligns with his practical outlook on life and relationships. 

He added that dating multiple women requires investing time, effort, and resources. Iyanya also asserted that maintaining one relationship can be costly, let alone juggling multiple partners.

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