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Delight your senses; create lasting memories with Ambiance Experience by Talata



Have you ever walked into a space and experienced a smell that is so familiar, yet you cannot remember what it is? That was how I felt at the Ambiance Experience by Talata.

The experience provided a one-stop access to amazing scents and options for living and working spaces.  With state-of-the-art diffusion devices for cars, domestic and commercial spaces, I found a variety of smells ranging from floral to gourmand, fruits and Orientals.

From the scent bar, I was swarmed with delightful scents as I indulged in the existing scents; as well as experimented with mixing and creating new ones under the guidance of the very resourceful creative director, Talata Maldima-Provencal.

Ambience by Talata also offers some personal care products and candles that are great for gift ideas.   These include the Be Fearless scented hand sanitizer, a clever response to COVID-19, as well as the Be Calm Shea butter-based hand and body wash, with calming notes of lime, Jasmine and lemongrass.


Speaking of gifts, I left with a gift from Talata, a stylish Ambiance smart car diffuser.  This sleek rechargeable pod works with any scent of your choice. I decided to opt for a cacao/coffee blend. So if you sit in my car and feel like having coffee, you should know where it is coming from!

You can locate Ambiance Experience by Talata in Accra, on the Trade Fair Road, or Call +233 20 825 3674

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