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Dem Times Episode 2: London not Lendin



Samuel Adjei’s first week at Onukrom Academy continues and things are only getting worse. Opinion is sharply divided around the “London boy” and the gossip is never-ending — especially with how often Samuel embarrasses himself in public: Tiwa, the budding genius, despises him with a fiery hatred; social butterfly Belinda enjoys the carnage from a distance with a mild sadism; Derrick, the boy with all the gifts and uncrowned king of the school, is simply overburdened, annoyed that responsibility for Samuel somehow ended up with him; Efua, sunny, optimistic and innocent as a lamb, who never thought there was a person she couldn’t win over with kindness, tries to hide her disappointment. And Nii… Nii just wants a best friend for the first time in his life.

But sleep-deprived, swamped by homework, and still unable to figure out the “bathroom situation”, nothing seems to be going right for Samuel. Every decision is the wrong one. Feeling homesick and longing for life to make sense again, all Samuel wants to do is jump on the next flight home. Something small, like accidentally mispronouncing “London”, could well push him over the edge.

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