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Dentaa to meet FIFA President Sepp Blatter



Having met Ex-president John Agyekum Kufuor earlier in the year and meeting President Robert Mugabe last month (along with some African football stars who were in Zimbabwe to help showcase the Benjani Mwaruwari Foundation) Dentaa has been chosen to represent Ghana by presenting the Arthur Wharton Foundation to FIFA President Sepp Blatter this month. Arthur Wharton was born in Jamestown, Gold Coast (now Accra, Ghana), his father was half-Grenadian and half-Scottish, and his mother was a member of the Fante Ghanaian royalty. He moved to England in 1882, to train as a Methodist missionary, but soon abandoned this in favour of becoming a full-time athlete and became the world’s first black professional footballer. The Arthur Wharton Foundation is proud to inform you that an Arthur Wharton Marquette Statue will now be displayed at the home of football’s world governing body, FIFA, as a result of a charitable donation by the Zurich based organisation. Dentaa winner voted one of the most influential women of 2011 and founder of GUBA (Ghana Uk Based Achievement) Awards Said: “It is an honour to be a part of this historical moment. To see Arthur Wharton being recognised, honoured, and celebrated at the highest level in football is wonderful news, and there’s no better way than to mark this occasion with an Arthur Wharton Marquette Statue which will leave a lasting tribute to his legacy as the world’s first black professional footballer. I am truly humbled to present this award.” The presentation to FIFA President Sepp Blatter will take place at FIFA Headquarters in Zurich on June 6th 2012, at 11.00am. Representatives of the Foundation will attend]]>

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