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Desist from name-calling when disagreeing with my opinions – Okyeame Kwame tells critics



Over the past few weeks, rapper, Okyeame Kwame’s viewpoints on politics, marriage, religion, nature etc., have caused quite a stir on social media.

While many social media users have either disagreed or agreed with his opinions, Okyeame Kwame has stated that it is unacceptable for critics to use derogatory language and name-calling rather than challenging the core of his arguments.

“I don’t think Ghanaians are being hostile to my views. The same way I disagree with other people’s ideas, there’s no way I mind people disagreeing with my opinions.


“What I don’t think it’s cool is that someone puts forward an argument and instead of a counter argument or refuting the central idea, you come to do name-calling or just insult that I’m a fool, look at your forehead,” he said in a recent conversation on Graphic Showbiz.

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He continued; “When someone is saying let’s not eat turtles because they have a particular role they play in the sea and they keep the world safe, and your best answer ‘is your mother’, that is what I don’t get, it decreases the discourse and take it to a realm that I’m unable to make my valid points. For instance, people have disagreed with me for saying it is inhuman to beat homosexuals and humiliate them on the streets.

“If you have any contrary opinion to that, just mention but don’t come and insult me, my mother and my family,” he added.


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