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Diamond Appiah calls Fuse ODG a hypocrite for using fair girls in his videos yet claiming #BlackIsBeautiful



Diamond Appiah has slammed Fuse ODG for his trending campaign against a Nivea billboard that promotes fair skin tone.  Diamond wonders why Fuse is currently fighting so hard and claiming that ‘black skin is beautiful’, yet he uses light skinned and mixed race ladies in his music videos. Diamond also points out that not every African is born dark skinned and that the fairer ones also deserve a product to take care of their skin. She wrote on Facebook:   Dear Nivea, I have seen a lot of unnecessary rants on social media with regards to this billboard and the product being advertised and as a cosmetologist I will advise you to take this opportunity to educate the ” ignorant dark skin ” Ghanaians who find any products for the fairer skin ones offensive. This group of insecured dark skin Ghanaians who think the beauty of an individual is their skin tone should go and do a thorough research about the ingredients of a products before starting any unnecessary bleaching campaigns against a brand. Afro pop artiste fuse odg who started this whole movement is a man therefore his knowledge about skincare products for different skin types might be minimal but since he claims black skin is beautiful, which of course is true. How come he normally uses light skin and mix race girls in his music videos? The other dark skin ladies who have joined the movement to pull the billboard down should stop thinking all Ghanaians were born dark like them. There are beautiful light skin Ghanaians from every region that need products to glow our fair skin so they shouldn’t try so hard to enforce their “dark skin is beautiful notion” on everyone bcos Ghanaians come in different skin shades n real beauty has got nothing to do with a person’s skin tone. They should channel their campaign on the harmful social vices like cigarettes smoking that kills thousands of people everyday and local gin consumption ( akpeteshi ) that is damaging to the organs of the body thus killing thousands . Nobody has ever died of Using Cosmetics so they should give us all a big break. #We were all not born Dark #Fair skin needs Fair skin products #Stop the Hypocrisy]]>