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Did you know Yvonne Nelson and Trigmatic were in a music group growing up?



Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has always loved entertainment growing up; although her first stint at entertainment was music, she would turn out to be a professional actress.

According to Yvonne in her memoir, “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” she loved music growing up, and would find herself in a music group in school, with three other boys including Ghana’s very own accomplished singer/songwriter, Trigmatic.

“In school, I was popular for a reason most parents at the time would not want their children, especially girls, to be known for—entertainment. I was one of four students who were inspired and influenced by the American hip-hop group, Fugees. Formed in the early 1990s, the group was said to have derived its name from the word “refugees.” It is unclear why refugees were of interest to a singing group, but the group’s founder, Lauryn Hill, later ventured into a non-profit aimed at helping refugees.


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“The original Fugees trio had Wyclef Jean, Pras Michel and Lauryn Hill, while the St. Martin de Porres version had Enoch Nana Yaw Oduro- Agyei, Nii Tettey, one Aziz, and me. Being the only female, I was obviously the Lauryn Hill of the group. Nii Tettey had returned from the United States to join us in junior secondary school as it was then called. With his American accent, he was the closest we came to mimicking Fugees. We memorized and sang their songs at school functions. There were times we composed our own songs and performed them at school functions,” she narrates.

While Yvonne and her music group were serious about their “hobby,” she reveals that only one of them would turn out to be an actual musician, and that person is Trigmatic.

“Aziz is now married with children. Nii Tettey returned to the United States after junior high school and not much is heard about him now. Enoch Yaw Oduro-Agyei is, perhaps, the direct beneficiary of our childhood attempt at music. He is a Ghanaian singer and composer under the stage name Trigmatic. I also ended up in the entertainment industry outside of music, but the influence of American music almost defined my life even before I figured out the course of my young and not-so-ambitious trajectory,”she writes.

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