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Discovering the brilliance of Kojo Efson and his sophomore EP ‘’Afrodisiac’’ in this in-depth interview



Join us as we delve into the captivating world of one of Ghana’s promising talents, Kojo Efson, in an exclusive interview. He will unveil the details of his highly-anticipated sophomore EP, ‘’Afrodisiac’’. Not only will we delve into the inspiration and creation of this masterful body of work, but we will also gain insight into Kojo’s personal life, upcoming projects and his aspirations for the future.

‘’Afrodisiac’’ is a triumph for the young Ghanaian rapper, seamlessly blending the rich rhythms of Afrobeat with relatable and engaging lyrics. The EP features three (3) tracks, with the first track (intro) setting the theme right, each one expertly curated to provide a fulfilling listening experience. If you revel in the delectable narratives of love, ‘’Afrodisiac’’ will have you entranced from start to finish, thanks to Kojo Epson’s lyrical finesse, melodies and heavyweight collaborations with Tessa Voicer and Khalifina. Don’t miss out on the chance to discover the brilliance of Kojo Efson and his EP ‘’Afrodisiac’’.

Nathaniel Forson, known in the entertainment industry as Kojo Efson, is a talented Ghanaian musician who began his journey in music at the young age of 16. With a passion for his craft, he has been professionally active in the music scene for the past five years, during which time he has released an impressive 40+ songs. Kojo Efson draws inspiration from some of the most renowned artists in the industry, including Reggie Rockstone, Sarkodie, M.anifest, and Wizkid. He is driven by the desire to achieve greatness in his career and is determined to realize his dream as a successful musician.



1. What inspired you to create your sophomore EP ‘’Afrodisiac’’?

So, the title name is actually a finessed version of the word Aphrodisiac and which means anything (mostly drugs and drinks) that causes excitement and makes you sexually aroused. So, I wanted to make a project that in a sense replicate that idea or feeling in the ears of my fans and listeners. Hence my motive and reason for the name and the project.

2. Can you tell us about the personal experiences or emotions that influenced the creation of ‘’Afrodisiac’’?

Love, sex, lust. Those I will say were the top 3 highlighted emotions that were involved in making this tape. The feeling of wanting someone and being wanted back. Some of the songs if not all of them have some personal stories of mine in there but I tried much as possible not to kiss and tell so I mixed it up with some punchlines, bars and funny lines in a way that its not too obvious.


3. Did you have any challenges creating this body of work? What were they and how did you overcome it all?

‘’Afrodisiac’’ if I am being honest has been in the works for a very long period of time. I started working on it in 2019 so I could drop it in 2020 but due to some personal issues I had to shelf it. I basically forgot about the tape. So late 2022, as I was going through my files, I found the project and decided to change it completely from what I initially had in mind for the tape. The only tracks that survived the change was the ‘Intro’ (Skit) and ‘Come Closer’ ft. Khalifina.

4. How do you hope your music will connect with and impact listeners?

I have always seen music to be a language that expresses everything we need to express. Just like speaking in English and comprehending it, but also with music. Where as the music communicates with you and you can use music to also communicate with others. So, for me, I hope my music makes someone’s day, I hope it makes it to someone’s playlist even and I hope it helps them heal, help them feel loved and associated with. That’s why I do music. To tell the story of someone who can’t do music and that same story will inspire or motive or encourage someone else listening.


5. Can you speak about your collaborations with Tessa Voicer and Khalifina, plus how they contributed to the EP?

So, Tessa is an old friend of mine from college. She is from Zimbabwe and we met in university. We both majored in Mass Communication & Broadcast and we ended in the same broadcast class for radio broadcasting and voice over acting. A couple of years down the line she started her own voice over ad company and so during her early stages she would send me trials to listen and help correct them. She sent me this ‘Intro’ (Skit) as one of trials and I loved it but I never thought I would use it in music at the time. I am a bit of a cliche old school artist so I like to put skits in most of my projects. So, in 2019 when I actually started working on the project, I was listening to voice notes I had saved, this came up and I felt it fit the general theme of seduction, lust and all of that so decided to use it and asked for her blessing as well which she granted.

My feature with Khalifina was the first song recorded for the tape and at the time I didn’t even have the tape planned. I came to Ghana in 2018 I think to do a show and Khalifina was on there to perform. Honestly, I didn’t know all the artists that performed at my show that day but I got know them and their music. Khalifina was the best for me and right there I reached out to her and we exchanged Instagram handles. So, a couple of days after the show I went to visit my grandma in Kumasi and Khalifina also happen to be in school there. But before that she has tweeted a video of a freestyle version of this song on her TL and I loved it so I retweeted and asked her to collaborate with me on it and she agreed. So, when I got to Kumasi I linked up and we went to my big bro iPappi’s studio and we recorded two songs that day actually. ‘Odo’ which is already out and then ‘Come Closer’ which is this one.

6. What milestones do you seek to achieve with this project and what can fans expect from you in the future?


I really hope this project finally puts me in the ears of Ghanaians, Africans and the whole world. We all need some aphrodisiac sometimes to escape really and I really hope when people hear this project it takes them there. To that happy place of excitement and can relate to it. Again, make I stress am, ‘’ADD ME TO YOUR SEX PLAYLISTS’’ hehehe. And as for the future, expect nothing but quality sound and good music. Music that speaks to you, music that makes you dance and makes you happy. To my fans I promise very much this year will be a great year to be an EFSON fan. For those who have been with me since I started writing lyrics, this is the year I pay back your faith in me and for new fans, Welcome to the Efson Show.

7. What is your ultimate goal as a musician and how do you see yourself evolving and growing as an artist?

My ultimate goal as a musician is to make people happy with my music and touch lives with my music. For me its about doing good music that will live on long after I am gone. Making a name for myself and so I make sure I get the job done right. I am my biggest critic and sometimes I have been told by my friends and family that I am harsh on myself but I feel that’s what makes me go harder because if I don’t like, I don’t want anyone else to like it and nothing beats that when it comes to music. I know what I want to put out and I know how I want people to feel about it and so I see myself being better and better with each passing year and this project is a clear example because it has sounds from different times in my life musically and shows my growth. Each time I write I get better and so I pray for more grace and finesse in my penmanship. And soon enough I will be a house hold name on the lips of everyone all over the world.

‘’Afrodisiac’’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:







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