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DKB faces backlash after calling out supermarket attendants for failing to attend to him in his car



Ghanaian Comedian, DKB has landed on the bad side of Twitter after his video calling out supermarket attendants for refusing to attend to him in his car went viral.

In the video which has been shared on the bird app, DKB is heard scolding some three supermarket attendants at the Taifa Shell filling station, while in his car.

According to DKB, he went to the Shell Supermarket to get a drink, but was not served by the attendants from his car.


DKB claims he has received service while in his car at other supermarkets, hence he’s shocked that these three attendants have totally ignored his loud honking to get their attention.

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“Just look at stupid behaviour, in the shop are three girls, one behind the flower, one in the middle and one on the left. I’m at the filling station, Taifa Shell, I’m honking at them, they can hear me, they are gossiping about me and are refusing to come out. So, the three of them there, I’m just waiting for one to come out and bring me just one drink. They’re there, see, the boys are even confused like how are they in there and I’m flashing light and they don’t want to see me. And you will wake up and pray to God for job, look they are ignoring, they can hear me well, but they are in there. I’m going to honk for day to break. this is just foolishness, is this how you train your workers?” he’s heard saying in the video.

A very perplexed DKB continued; “How, is it that if someone is sitting in a car, the person doesn’t deserve to be served? Or moving from inside to come and serve the person outside means that you have undermined yourself or what?” he asked.


“This does not make sense, I go to other fuel stations and the moment I honk, they come out and serve me,” he added.

The video has since gone viral on Twitter and received hundreds of comments from twitter users who are completely stunned by DKB’s behaviour.

For most of the comments on the video, they did not understand why DKB was reacting in that manner, seeing as the supermarket is not a drive-through.


“Such nonsense. Is it a drive-through?” one tweep asked.

“It’s not a drive in, just walk in, buy your shit and leave,” another tweep commented.

“This guy shows time and time again that he is a clown,” another commented.

“I don’t get was he incapacitated that he couldn’t get our of the Car to get his drink. Is the shell shop a drive-through? Who does he think he is??” another comment read.


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