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DKB’s Girlfriend, Dzifa supports her man!



Ghanaian comedian, DKB surely wasn’t kidding when he bragged about his beautiful girlfriend, Dzifa to his Big Brother Housemates.  The lovely lady was spotted with a broad smile at a press conference for DKB in Accra, where the troubled comedian had to answer questions from the Ghanaian press concerning events leading to his disqualification from the ongoing Big Brother Stargame. DKB, who was disqualified for hitting Sierra Leonean housemate, Zainab continued to apologize for his actions. He took full responsibility for his actions and begged for forgiveness from all Ghanaians. He also advised that he had learnt that when a woman starts provoking you, the best thing to do is to be a bigger man and walk away or sleep. The press interaction was full of apologies as DKB also answered questions from certain personalities in the media that he may have spoken ill of while in the Big Brother House.  He apologized and explained that he said some of the things unaware of the cameras because he felt at home when speaking to fellow Ghanaian housemate, Keitta, and didn’t mean any malice towards the people who were affected. He also explained his copious use of foul language while in the Big Brother House, saying it was the environment he found himself in that made him use such language. As the host of a family game show, he explained that his he was aware of the context in which he was using the language; and often his fellow housemates, Prezzo and Roki made it easy for him to do so. DKB confirmed that he underwent counseling with psychologists in South Africa before coming back to Ghana.  He also revealed that he will be coming up with his own comedy show but admitted that the Big Brother incident would have a dent on his career in the meantime.  ]]>

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