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Do-It-Yourself Wood Stool



With any do-it-yourself project you have the versatility of choosing what you want, and when you want to do it. You can choose the materials to make it out of. You can decide if it is a general project, or a more customized kind of thing. This DIY wood stool is no exception; whether it’s to complement already existing furnishings or to accommodate a particular person, the choice is yours.

DIY has become really popular over the last decade. In fact, even kids are doing it nowadays, too. This Annie’s club review shows a cool option to introduce your kids to woodworking—through their own DIY kits. Check it out and hopefully your kid will be interested to do simple DIY projects like this. How simple, you ask? Read on.

One of the first things you need to know is what you’ll need to have. You’ll need four wood legs, square or round; it’s up to you. You need a wood base, again, square or round.

Tools to be used would be a drill, wood glue, chisel and 4 large wood screws. You can choose to paint or stain your wood stool when finished so this is optional.


Decide on the measurements of your stool such as the length of the legs ,and the size base you’re going to use. Now you can pick the kind of wood you wish to use such as oak, cherry, maple. The choices are unlimited.

The first thing you’ll need to do now that you have your tools and materials is to drill 4 holes into the bottom of the base, there are few basic tricks on how to cut holes in wood. The chisel will come in hand for the top of the hole to make it large enough for the head of the screws.

The screw heads need to be secured on the bottom of the seat with the chisel. The sharp end of the screw should be left out of the hole, so you’ll have enough length to securely attach the stool legs.

Using the wood you’ve chosen for legs, drill into the top of them. This is so you can insert the screws that are already in your wood stool base.


Wood glue needs to be applied around the screws attached to the stool base. Apply the glue to each one as you use it. Now you can slowly insert the screw into the leg piece of your wood stool.

You need to do this with each leg, and make sure they are tightly in place against the bottom of the base piece. If there is any wood glue seeping out, wipe it off. Now you are ready to stand it upright and wait for the glue to dry.

You can sand the wood stool if you wish to stain it. You have now built your own wood stool.


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