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Do you want to be part of this music video by Gabiro Mtu Necessary?



Kisumu based Kenyan artists send out a message of enduring appreciation to mothers around the world on their latest track.

Kisumu rapper Gabiro Mtu Necessary has teamed up with Asen B to release their new joint record, “Mama,” the Mother’s Day dedication is set to drop on May 9th. The new track provides some gentle, upbeat feel-good vibes as listeners hear Gabiro and AsenB lay down some touching storytelling lyricism with a soulful chorus that radiates uninhibited energy.

“Mama let me sing for you” In a press release Gabiro explained, “We want the song to compel you to sing to your mother just like the way she used to rock and sing to us as a baby, her voice was the first and most important voice in your life It’s a bond that lasts a lifetime”

Through its chilled melodic beats and bilingual mix of English and Swahili, it manages to connect us all. Usually, we are less likely to engage with tracks that we don’t immediately understand but after a couple of listens, I’m willing to bet that you’ll be singing right along!


The release is a testament to Gabiro & Asen B’s versatility as Artists and their innate talent. Both Asen and Gabiro tap into their affectionate side with both artists sadly losing parents they have used their art to articulate these emotions while addressing mothers around the world.

Although we haven’t got a set date for the official music video, it’s certainly set to capture the song’s triumphant lyrics. With a cross country collaboration from people around the globe to be involved in the making of the video over social media.

A snippet of the song together with details on how to be part of the music video is available on the song website; for free download to anyone across the globe who like to be part of the official music video.

‘Mama’ will be available on all digital streaming platforms on International Mother’s Day, May 9th.

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