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DoctorNowGH® Telehealth Solution Arrives in Ghana to Provide a Virtual Healthcare Solution as COVID-19 Cases Grow



Kwabena Tuffour, CEO of KWAB Emerging Technologies

KWAB Emerging Technologies (KWAB Tech), Ltd. has launched an amazing new telehealth app called DoctorNowGH®. In the era of growing COVID-19 cases and an increasing use of virtual meetings, telehealth presents a safe, quick, and affordable alternative to the traditional way of healthcare delivery.

“When you think of KWAB Tech, think Amazon, but for Africa.” said Kwabena Tuffour, the CEO of KWAB Emerging Technologies, while talking about the platform. DoctorNowGH®  is an innovative new app, which focuses on improving the traditional healthcare delivering system by providing an online doctor consultation service on demand. This will greatly reduce the cycle of outpatients with general and specialized medical queries where physical examination is not required. The app offers a wide range of useful features including appointments and follow-up scheduling, video and audio call consultations, prescription generation, secure payment options, and more planned future features around delivery of medications.

Kwabena created DoctorNowGH after a life changing experience during his trip to Ghana in 2019. He experienced symptoms of malaria during his trip but could not find a doctor nearby. He saw this as an opportunity to solve a problem for Africa and particularly Ghana and created this digital healthcare platform to bridge the gap between certified medical professionals and the general population. The app will ultimately benefit Africa with its great blend of innovation and cutting-edge technology.


KWAB Emerging Technologies, Ltd. is a global technology company with focus on providing solutions that improve the lives of people. KWAB Tech’s immediate focus is in the Telehealth and Telepharma areas in Africa, providing a viable technology alternative to the traditional delivery of healthcare. For the next decade, KWAB Tech is committed to improving the livelihood Africans and supporting the overall delivery of new healthcare systems across the continent.

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