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Don’t abandon education for fame -Fancy Gadam urges upcoming artistes



Award-winning Ghanaian musician, Fancy Gadam, renowned for his hit “Yakachana,” has recently emphasized the importance of education for aspiring artistes.

Speaking with Sadik Cybha of Sagani TV’s North Arts, Fancy Gadam reflects on his own experience, expressing regret for not prioritizing education alongside his music career.

Despite acknowledging his intelligence, he admitted to being stubborn during his school days, a decision he now regrets.


“It’s not that I wasn’t knowledgeable, my classmates can confirm that…. just that I was stubborn back in school and I have regretted it already”, he lamented.

Fancy Gadam advised upcoming artistes not to make the same mistake, urging them to pursue education alongside their musical ambitions. He highlighted the significance of education in achieving greatness in the music industry, emphasizing that fame should not overshadow the importance of learning.
“If you are an upcoming artists please don’t allow fame deceive you because education is important,” he added.
His message resonates with the importance of a balanced approach, advocating for artists to nurture their talents while investing in their intellectual growth.
By encouraging upcoming artistes to prioritize education, Fancy Gadam hopes to guide them towards sustainable success and fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives.


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