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Dr. Pushkin, Ataman Nikita And Budukusu Drop Hot New Single – ‘Need You’



Hold on to your hats, people! Dr. Pushkin, Ghanaian artiste and Tech wiz, is on a roll. Only two weeks after the release of his well-received single, ‘Lies’, which features the talent of  TeriWiizi, the multi-talented Dr. Pushkin releases yet another piece of musical genius. This time, he collaborates with Ataman Nikita, who is his brother and Budukusu, and artiste for whose craft Dr. Pushkin has always had respect. The trap inspired jam, ‘Need You’ is written as an ode to friends and family – the real ones – you know the ones who check up on you and stick with you in both sunny and cloudy weather.

One day, as the brothers Dr. Pushkin and Ataman Nikita played off each other’s creativity in a series of freestyles, this tune was born. The duo got to work co-producing the track and they realized just what the song needed to be complete – Budukusu’s magic. Last year, Atigsi Badek, a mutual friend of the two, introduced Dr. Pushkin to Budukusu. For both musicians, it was naturally only a matter of time before they collaborated on a piece; when ‘Need You’ was conceived, it was obvious the time was right.

Take the catchy trap-inspired beat, add in the hypnotic R&B and afrobeat-inspired vocals of Ataman Nikita and then introduce line after line of lyrics laden by brilliant puns, and you have the masterpiece, ‘Need You’. The brothers did a great job with the beat and ensured it rubs shoulders with today’s standards and will have listeners hitting a dab or two. The contributing artistes also nailed the delivery of their lines, ensuring their lyrics stayed on-topic yet were rich with word play and wit.

For a man whose name is instantly recognizable in the futuristic and sophisticated world of artificial intelligence (AI), Dr. Pushkin, known in the formal world as Paul Azunre, seems to have mastered the delicate balance between the pursuit of his gold collar dreams and the free spirited dreams of his artistic side. As a result, neither side suffers for the benefit of the other, and Dr. Pushkin continues to prove he can pursue his dreams with ambidexterity.


Dr. Pushkin’s steady stream of releases is part of a grand scheme which will come to a head with the release of an album titled, in true unconventional style, ‘Outlandish’. After that project is complete, Dr. Pushkin projects another one materializing in the form of an afrobeats album with ‘Isolirium’, an artist collective already with impressive work to their credit.

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