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Drake and Chris Brown Cleared In $16 Million Night Club Brawl Lawsuit



drake-chrisThere is some good news for Drake and Chris Brown this week. According to TMZ, a lawsuit filed against both performers for the 2012 bottle throwing incident has been tossed out by a judge. W.i.P. and Greenhouse nightclubs’ parent company Entertainment Enterprises sued Drake and Brown for $16 million in compensation and punitive damages claiming the two rivals caused the fight that took place at W.i.P. that night and should be held responsible for Greenhouse’s lose of profit. The suit said that the fight destroyed Greenhouse’s reputation. The Manhattan Supreme Court judge in the case stated that neither Drake nor Brown had any duty to Greenhouse to be civil, and the fact that altercation did not happen on Greenhouse’s actual property made the lawsuit invalid. The judge also refused to set a precedent that allowed club owners to sue patrons every time a fight happens at their club. Something the court acknowledged happens at nightspots often.]]>

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