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E.L’s monochrome style ‘Efa Wo Ho Ben?’ video is a delight to watch



After serving fans with a well-received record ‘Efa Wo Ho Ben?’, E.L returns with the much-anticipated music video for the song.

Starting off with a beautifully done choral piece that ends in the words, ‘Efa Wo Ho Ben’’, a recurring theme throughout the song, E.L adopts a style to ridicule critics, yet entertain fans.

Directed by Phamous Films and VO Nation, the video opens with a choir singing beautifully. Conceptualizing the music and the image many of us would have had upon first hearing the song. Following the theme of the song, the video shows how E.L is being discussed amongst various people. We see E.L’s phone book come to life, as the video has cameos from some of our scenes favourites.

From Wanlov the Kubolor to Hip-Hop/Alté collective, La Même Gang, you’re sure to spot an entertainer you know.
Make sure you check out the monochrome style video.