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People & Lifestyle Ghana Celebrates ‘Made In Ghana’ with “Ghanafest Exhibition’


on Ghana, has opened the “Ghanafest Exhibition” in proud support of purely Ghana-made products and services.  The exhibition which forms a part of activities planned to commemorate the “Made in Ghana” month of July, opened on July 23 and will run till July 31.  The exhibition offers a vast variety of goods from reputable Ghanaian manufacturers including Kasapreko, Printex, Chocho Industries, Medicita Enterprise, Doe Series, Justibek Foods, Cushi Foods, and many more.  With the influx of foreign-made goods currently choking our markets as well as the rising costs of acquiring them, many local consumers and tourists alike scout for reputable places to buy quality Ghana-made products. The “Ghanafest Exhibition” therefore provides a convenient, comfortable shopping experience where the finest in Ghana-made have been pooled together to offer a wide range in one decent location. The general manager of, Mr. JOT Agyeman noted that “There are millions of Ghanaians all over the country who depend on jobs tied to Ghanaian manufacturing. We all have a role to play to help create and sustain these jobs to drive the financial stability of our nation. “Ghanafest” is one of many initiatives that Ghana will leverage to support that. I encourage all Ghanaians to visit the Silverbird foyer and buy made in Ghana products to support Ghanaian entreprenueurs, and ultimately the Ghanaian economy. The “Ghanafest Exhibition” was created by e.TV Ghana, as part of activities planned to commemorate “Made in Ghana Month” this July. “Made in Ghana Month” aims to encourage Ghanaians to support goods and services made locally, and also to highlight the critical need to wean the country of its overdependence on foreign imports.]]>

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