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EA announces new gameplay changes ahead of FIFA 20

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EA announces new gameplay changes ahead of FIFA 20

FIFA 20 has not yet arrived, however, EA Sports has teased the forthcoming new game by revealing new gameplay changes in a new announcement.

While the new blog post does not officially reveal what the exact changes are for, they do nod toward FIFA 20 by suggesting that they will be implemented in the “next iteration” of the video game.

Highlights of gameplay changes include the use of artificial intelligence in defending, 1v1 shooting consistency, chained skill moves, and valley crossing and shooting.

FIFA 20 will now focus on manual defending with more incentives for players who make use of the skill. The new announcement also states that FIFA 20’s new planned tackling system “favors manual tackling by making sure that the defender that tries the tackle does so in a favorable context to your team.”

Players will be pleased to find an improved jockey system with a decrease in the efficacy of the contain button, reducing auto-tackles or blocks.

“We are already taking steps to prioritize community feedback earlier in the development process,” FIFA adds in its blog post, addressing fans.

“This year we have begun in-house feedback sessions […] It is important to note here that FIFA’s community is vast, and we receive feedback from many sources, sometimes feedback that differs greatly from each other. The goal, as we move into the next iteration of FIFA, is to raise the overall quality bar and spend our time addressing core gameplay concerns that you’ve been asking of us.”

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